Update : November 15, 2022

The astronomers studied and mapped the space objects such as stars and comets first with the naked eye and then with the help of telescopes (optical, radio, …) . Before the advent of the communication satellites and GPS (Global Positioning System), seafarers had to rely on their knowledge of astronomy for navigation.

Edmund Halley is an Astronomer Royal known for the discovery of Halley’s comet. Mark Twain’s birth and death coincided with the two visits of Halley’s comet.

Greenwich is known for its observatory and the adoption of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). UCT (Universal Coordinated Time) is now preferred.

U Ba Min

U Ba Min (SPHS 56) joined the Mathematics Department. He studied for his MS in Astronomy in the US. He later resigned citing medical reasons when he was transferred to Myitkyina College. He opened a shop in Zay Gyo in Mandalay. One day, a group of Japanese visited his shop. They were surprised to learn that U Ba Min was a classmate of their Professor back in the US. They took a photo to show to their professor.

Other Sayas

Saya U Soe Min and Saya U Sein Win are some Mathematics sayas who taught Astronomy.

Sayagyi U Min Wun (Civil) is well versed in both Western and Eastern Astronomy.

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