Update : November 15, 2022

  • There are 100+ varieties of apples. Most are eaten fresh. Some are eaten as salad. Some are cooked or made into pie or sauce.
  • Grannie Smith was chosen by the Beatles for the logo of their company “Apple Records”.
  • Steve Wozniak (“Woz”) and Steve Jobs formed “Apple” Company to market their Apple computers.
  • “Apple” Company was sued by “Apple Records” for copyright infringement. The judge said that it was okay to use the name Apple for two different domains : computers and music. The judge might be surprised to learn that several decades later, Apple computers are playing Beatles albums on iTunes.
  • Steve Jobs named another product as “Macintosh”. In British English, Macintosh is a rain coat. McIntosh is an apple.
  • There used to be a grocery chain called “Apple Tree” and a restaurant chain called “Apple Bee”.
  • There are words and phrases like Adam’s apple, the apple of my eye, and apple pie order.
  • It is probable that Adam and Eve ate apple in the Garden of Eden. The Hebrew scriptures simply mention the “forbidden fruit”.
  • Sir Isaac Newton was in an apple orchard when he discovered the law of gravity. It is not sure if an apple fell on his head. He noticed that apples fall vertically to the ground. He asked himself why the moon did not fall to the earth.
  • Both men and women have Adam’s apple, but men have larger, distinctive ones.

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