Update : November 15, 2022


  • Analog may stand for “a person or an object which may be compared to another”.
  • An analogy is a comparison of two things that are similar.

Analog devices

  • An analog device uses information represented by a continuous variable.
  • An analog thermometer measures temperature via the expansion of the mercury in its bulb.
  • The analog speedometer displays the speed of a car via the needle on its dial.
  • Some early computers are analog (e.g. Differential Analyzer).
    The later computers are mostly digital.
    Some computer systems are hybrid.


  • There are tools to convert analog signals to digital, and vice versa.
  • ADC is a tool to convert Analog to Digital.
  • DAC is a tool to convert Digital to Analog.
  • The sounds produced by a musical instrument are analog.
  • Analog information may be digitized by using appropriate sampling techniques.

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