Guinea Pigs of Education

Update : November 14, 2022

  • My older brother and sister took two Government examinations before entering Rangoon University.
  • I had to take four examinations as a Guinea Pig of the changing Education Systems.
  • We had to study most subjects in Burmese and English.
    e.g. Thin Char, Yupa Beda and Dhatu Beda in 9th standard
    Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in 10th standard
  • Rangoon University was closed following the 7th July Anniversary Protests
  • It was reorganized into Universities and Institutes.
  • Rangoon University was accredited.
    Most Institutes were not accredited (for a long time).
  • We took the last 7th Standard Government examination in 1960.
  • Note that there were protests regarding the 7th Standard examination in 1956.
    Harry Tan, who lived nearby, was killed by a stray bullet.
    All those who took the examination were declared “Pass”
  • There used to be a Combined High School Final and Matriculation examination.
    Successful candidates could attend the University.
  • However, the System Changed
  • We had to take the first ever High School Final Only examination in 1962.
  • We lost one precious year of our lives as guinea pigs of the frequently changing Education System.
  • We answered all tests in Burmese (except English).
  • We (those from Rangoon) took the HSF examination with the security troops roaming the city after the Coup d’etat on March 2, 1962.
  • The examination was annulled citing “leakage of questions”.
  • We had to retake the HSF in August 1962.
  • We would normally be attending Rangoon University in 1962.
  • We might witness two dark days in the History of Rangoon University on
    July 7, 1962 and
    July 8, 1962.
  • We took the first ever Matriculation Only in 1963.
  • We answered all tests in English (except Burmese).
  • We attended the last ever I.Sc.(A) classes at Leik Khone (Rangoon Intermediate College).
  • There were protests in July 1963 to commemorate the anniversary of 7th July 1962 and 8th July 1962.
  • The higher authorities closed most schools (except the Faculty of Medicine and Engineering).
  • Those who were one year senior to us in High School graduated 2.5 years ahead of us from RIT.
  • The schools later faced many closures — short term and long term — citing Security Concerns.

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