Gone But Not Forgotten

Update : November 14, 2022

  • Conventional wisdom says, “Pyauk thor thu shar hlyin tway. Thay thor thu kyar hlin may.”
  • GBNF stands for “Gone But Nor Forgotten”
  • The following presents GBNF from various circles.
U Maung Maung Than Tun (RUBC)
Saya S. Arya (Mechanical)
U Han Sein (C69)

Conventional and Unconventional Wisdom

  • GBNF stands for Gone But Not Forgotten
    It is Unconventional Wisdom.
  • We used it in the “RIT Alumni International Newsletter” and the now dormant web site.
  • I used it in the last stanza of my poem “SAYA PU ZAW PWE” for SPZP-2000.
  • Conventional Wisdom says,
    “Pyauk thor thu shar hlyin tway. Thay thor thu kyar hlin may.”

GBNF Lists

  • U Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76, Webmaster) set up three GBNF pages on the web site :
    (a) GBNF for Sayas and Sayamas
    (b) GBNF for Alumni
    (c) GBNF for Spouses
  • Several classes maintain their GBNF list.
  • U Aung Min (M69) and team maintain the GBNF list for the Class of 69.
    As of this time of writing, there are 115 members in the GBNF.
    Some may remember that U Aung Min’s Roll No in the last ever I.Sc.(A) class at Leik Khone in 1963 was B115, where B stands for the Science Option.
    In a sense, U Aung Min is a Tone Kyaw.
  • U Ohn Khine (M70) and team maintain the GBNF list for the Class of 70.

GBNF from Private Primary Boundary Road School (PPBRS)

  • Among my Primary School classmates, Myo Set (son of actor Tha Gaung Gyi) was the first to pass away. He perished in a car accident.
  • Myat Hla Sein (Former Head of Yoke Shin, RC2, son of Director U Chin Sein) was the last to pass away.
    He also perished in a car accident.
  • Most of the sayas and sayamas from our PPBRS days are GBNF
  • Further Reading : Memories of PPBRS

GBNF from St. Paul’s High School (SPHS)

  • Among my High School classmates, Min Thaw (Gilbert, SPHS63) is among the early ones to pass away.
  • Dr. Myo San (Freddie Ba San, SPHS63, Third in Burma) might be the most recent to pass away.
  • Further Reading : Memories of SPHS

GBNF from Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT)

  • Among my RIT classmates, 115 (about a third of the class) are GBNF.
    U Aung Myint (Pet69, Saya, “Kyant Ba Hone” Creator)
  • It is sad and alarming to note that about 20 passed way in 2021 (many due to COVID-19)
  • Among the EC69ers, 3 (out of 11) are GBNF.
    They are U Kyaw Soe, U Aung Thu Yein (Brownie Way) and U Chit Tin.
  • Further Reading : RIT, GBNF Saya, GBNF Alum


  • Saya Chit (Dr. Chit Swe, Founder Director of Universities Computer Center) passed away in Sydney, Australia in November 2019
  • Saya Lay (U Ko Ko Lay, co-founder of UCC, Professor at the Department of Computer Science and the Institute of Technology) had the longest tenure at UCC, DCS and ICST.
    He was the earliest among the UCC Founders to pass away.
  • Saya Dr. Tin Maung succeeded as Director of UCC and retired as Rector of ICST.
  • Saya Dr. Kyaw Thein succeed as Rector of ICST.
    He succumbed to Covid-19.
  • Further Reading : Memories of UCC

GBNF from Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC)

  • Several Past Captains and Old Members are GBNF.
  • U Maung Maung Than Tun, Oldest among the surviving Past Captains, is the latest GBNF.
  • Further Reading : Memories of RUBC

Tone Kyaw

  • One should have Samvegha (sense of urgency) after hearing the sad news.
  • When my name sake Hla Min (Pauk Si, SPHS64, EP70, UCC) passed away in his mid-thirties, we were shocked since he seemed strong and did not wear jackets (mandated for UCC employees entering the Computer Room).
    He would often be seen in sport shirts.
    He passed away with a few months of being diagnosed with liver problem.
    He was not a drinker, but other causes inflicted his liver.
  • I became a Tone Kyaw when two government departments where I had given Guest Lectures on Computers and Applications tried to send me “Lwan Thu Pan Khwe”.
  • At the Kyan Daw Cemetery, my classmate Moe Hein (Ajala, ChE69, RIT Swimming and Water Polo) looked at me as if I was a ghost.
    He had come to bid me Good Bye.

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