GBNF (Early list)

Update : November 14, 2022

The following is a sampling of the alums who are GBNF. They were reported [in various levels of detail] by their loved ones and friends

1. Chin Kim Ngwe (Mech 56)
Passed away 1966, California, US.

2. U Han Sein (Civil 56)

3. Mr. R. C. Reuben (Mech 5?)
Retired from Construction Corporation, passed away in Yangon in 1994

4. U Khin Maung Phyu (Mech 59)
Retired from Construction Corporation, passed away in Yangon in 199?

5. U Ba Shwe (Civil 60)

6. U Nay Lin (Mech 60)
Passed away in the 1970s in Thailand.

7. U Tin Shwe (a) Peter Khoo (Electrical 61)
Passed away 1995, US.

8. U Myo Thant (Mech 61)

9. U Myint Soe (Civil 63)
Passed away in September 1997. Friends can contact his family through his son Kyaw Swa Soe.

10. Daw Ni Ni Thwin (Dolly, Textile 64)
Wife of Sai Hla Baw (George, 64 Mech ?, ex-university
footballer), passed away in the late 1990s of cancer.
She was a younger sister of Daw Tin Tin Ohn (Tex 61), ex-faculty Textile, who passed away in the mid 1990s.

11. William Simons (Mech 65)
ex-university footballer. Son of Saya Simons (Workshop Superintendent).

12. U Win Thein (Mechanical 1967)
[Co] founded “Hset Hmu Thadin Zin”. Organizer for several RIT events including “Mixer” gatherings and “Geeta See Sar”.
Passed away on October 25, 1999.

13. U Myat Soe (Mechanical 1967)
Passed away in October 1996. He was the brother of U Myint Soe and Daw Tin May Soe (current faculty member at YTU)

14. Ko Kyaw Oo (Mech 67)
He played the piano at RIT events including the “Geeta See Sar”. Also rowed for RIT.

15. Duja Raj (Civil 68)
Reported by Saya U Myat Htoo (C 68), de facto representative of the Class of 68

16. Ko Chit Swe Kyaing (Civil 68)

17. Jimmy Kyin (Tex. 69)
08:00am July 14th, 1999 in New York. Of liver cancer. 55 years old.
According to Mr. RIT Ko Thein Aung (Met 72), Ko Jimmy won 3rd place at the Body Building and/or Weightlifting Contest.

18. Min Thaw (a) Gilbert Thaw (EP 69, SPHS 63)
He is among the 60 (or so) GBNF from the “2nd BE Intake of 1964” aka 69-ers.
Ko Aung Min (M/Auto 69) chairs the Health Care Fund and/or Nar Ye for the Class of 69. He sends quarterly reports (details) and monthly updates.

19. Ko Win Htein (Mech 69)
November 1998. Some say that he contacted Malaria and died in the hospital while getting Quinine drip.

20. Ko Kyaw Than (Metallurgy 69)
Passed away on 6 May 2000 from stroke.
A quote from Ko Danny Tint Lwin (Mech 69), “I am indeed very sad to have learnt that he passed away. We last met him at our 30th reunion dinner in Feb, 1999 and he was one of the hard working organizers for the reunion”.

21. Merlene Maung Maung (a) Daw Htay Htay Win (Chem 70)
Passed away at 9:30am on 23rd June 98. At first she was
diagnosed with TB, later she was warded in the Liver Hospital, Yangon, where she died.
Updates may be available from the “Combined Intake of 1964 and 1965)” aka the Class of 70 and 71.

22. U Nyunt Maung (Mechanical 1970)
Age 55, beloved husband of of Daw San Myaing, passed away May 9, 1999 08:20pm. He was the Chief Engineer at No 1, Mining, Nam-ma-tu.

23. Ko Hla Min (a) Ko Pauk Si (EP 70)
Grapevine says that he ate two Pauk Sis every day from the vendor, who had taken a loan from his father, as compensation.

24. Daw Lei Lei Win (a) Lillian Tha Myat (Mech 70)
Passed away a few years back in Yangon, of cancer, survived by husband and a daughter.

25. Ko Minn Shwe (Mech 70)
Succumbed to liver problems.

26. Ko Ba Than Aye (a) Myo Myint Lay (Civil 71)

27. Capt. Than Win (Mech 71)

28. Ko Thaung Han (Arch. 71)

29. Daw Thinn Thiri (a) Doreen (Arch. 72)

30. Han Kyu Pe (Arch. 72)

31. Daw Khin Khin Oo (Tex 72)
November 1, 1999, in Yangon, Myanmar.

32. Monica Tha Zin Aye (Tex 72)
Passed away on June 27, 2000, succumbed to the dreadful cancer.

33. Daw Tin Tin Htar (a) Dolly (Arch. 73)

34. Daw Tin Aye Myaing (Arch. 73)

35. Walter Myint Htoo (a) A Thay Lay (EP 73)
Brother-in-law of Saya U Tu Myint (Mechanical)

36. U Tin Ko (Met 74)

37. Daw Kyu Kyu Lwin (Civil 74)

38. U Bo Maung, Marine Engr. (Mech 74)
Expired when his ship capsized.

39. U Zaw Win – RTC (Mech 74)

40. Yakub (Mech 74)

41. U Tint Ko, Burma Air Force (Mech 74)
Died of a plane crash.

42. U Aung Zeya, Myanmar Railways (Mech 74)

43. Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo (EP 74, UCC)
Passed away April 19, 2000, in San Jose, California, USA.
Memorial pages have been set up for Ko Htay Lwin Nyo.

44. Daw Moe Moe Aung (EP 75)

45. Dudley Moore (Electronics 1975)
Passed away in 1996.

46. Daw Khin Phyu Win (Chemical 1976)
Passed away April, 1999 in Canberra, Australia.

47. Ko Win Aung Nyunt (a) Cho Be (EP 76)

48. U Ko Ko Lay (Electronics 1978)
Age 45. Beloved husband of Daw Aye Aye Myaing. Passed away Sept. 9th, 1999 08:00am.

49. Alfred Aung Gyi (Civil)

50. David Gee

51. Daw Mi Mi Nyo (Mechanical)
Passed away in Sept 8, 1999. Beloved wife of Yar-Zar Soe
Nyunt, daughter [kn law] of Deputy Minister U Soe Nyunt (a) Hti-Lar Sit-Thu and Daw Hla Hla Yin Soe.

52. Daw Thu Zar (a) Rosie Ba Hla (Mechanical), DAC
Age 45. Beloved wife of U Ba Oak (Kunibara Kogyo Co. Ltd – Singapore), daughter of U Ba Hla – Daw Khin Mar

53. Daw Khin Phyu Phyu Hla (Textile)
Passed away on November 27, 1996.

Editor’s Notes:

  • See related posts on GBNF (by Class, by Calendar Year, …)
  • The GBNF list of 69ers is currently 89.

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