Update : November 14, 2022


There are several ways to classify data. The list is not exhaustive.

  • Structured Data
  • Semi-structured Data
  • Unstructured Data

Data Types

  • Private
  • Public
  • Personal
  • Shared
  • Internal
  • External
  • Secret
  • Confidential
  • Classified
  • Top-secret
  • Streaming Audio
  • Streaming Video
  • Image
  • Raw
  • Processed
  • Information
  • Knowledge
  • Encrypted
  • Statistical
  • Census
  • Metadata
  • Mark up
  • Abstract Data Type (ADT)
  • Object
  • Big Data

U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) wrote :

Couple of most sensitive data categorization are ‘Top Secret Ultra’ and SCI, ‘Sensitive Compartmented Information’ as defined in government/intelligent services.

In the business world, one of the most critical category is PII, Personally Identifiable Information. According to the NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, listed quite a few data as PII and possible PII, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personally_identifiable_information.

People should be careful not to expose his/her as well as anyone’s PII data on Social Media.

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