Update : November 14, 2022

Alumni Appreciation Award

* Saya U Myat Htoo (Chair, BOD, Norcal RITAA) presented the award to U Hla Min at the Annual Dinner

Alumni Appreciation Award
Award presented by U Myat Htoo

U Han Sein / A Pho Gyi (GBNF)

* Represented RIT in Swimming, Water Polo, Diving and Basketball

* Became a Tone Kyaw when he was inadvertently listed as GBNF in the 69er Contact List (in 1999).

* He was sentenced to 20 years by a kangaroo court (along with Dr. Aung Khin Sint and Ma Thidar – Sanchaung).

* He was released after 17 years.

* He was a Thet Kyee of Latha Township.

* He took photos at the 69er gatherings and distributed them to selected attendees.

* He succumbed to Covid

U Han Sein (GBNF), U Ngwe Tun, Roland (U Khin Maung Win), U Sein Myint (K K Wong), Cyril (U Than Hla), Oscar (U Tin Aung Win) at 69er Breakfast Gathering

U Ngwe Tun / Tun Tun

* Every month, he offers Garawa money to Ashin Ukkamsa (Victor Aung Chaw) and Ashin Pannagavesaka (Bobby Myo Tun) in memory of his beloved spouse.

* He offered to host the 69er breakfast gathering for September, 2022, but the gathering did not take place.

Apology was offered by U Aung Min and team.

U Khin Maung Win / Roland Thein

* He was known for his debating skills.

* He also competed in Scrabble tournaments.

U Sein Myint / K K Wong

* He represented RIT in Swimming, Water Polo and Rowing.

* He is a major Donor for 69er HCF and EE69er HCF.

* He spends time in Singapore, California and Myanmar.

U Than Hla / Cyril Ba Than

  • Son of U Ba Than
  • Also known as Cyril or Cyril Than Hla
  • He took Training / Studies abroad.

U Tin Aung Win / Oscar Than Nyunt

  • He is a Moderator of RIT Updates FB group.
  • He uses Zoom to keep in touch with selected 69ers and HIC Colleagues.
  • He gave me rides to attend 69er gatherings.

U Tin Htut / Harry / Mon Yu

  • Hobbies (old and new)
  • Writing (Hmu Tin encouraged him)
  • Music
  • Tai Chi
  • Very Senior 69er
Harry Tin Htut

Albert Kyaw Min

  • Founder & President, Myanmar Pulp & Paper
  • Current President (AFPPI)
    Meeting (of 8 countries) in Thailand
  • Guitarist & Vocalist
    along with Daniel Tint Lwin (Singapore) and Robert Win Boh (Australia)
Albert Kyaw Min at AFPPI meeting
Seated : Nay Win (GBNF), Win Boh (Robert), Yi Yi Khaing (Vilma), Minn Aung (Hla Thaung)
Standing: Win Naing (Dicky), Tint Lwin (Daniel), Aung Myint, Kyaw Min (Ei Kun)


  • U Chit Po Po’s father is also named U Ba Than
    (co-founder of Burma Chamber of Commerce).
    U Chit Po Po (GBNF) represented RIT in Rowing.
    He is an expert Harpist.
  • Many 69ers have less (or no) time for their hobbies.
    e.g U Tin Maung Aye (Accordion)
  • 119 members (about a third of the Class) are GBNF.
    20+ passed away (within the past two years; mostly due to Covid)
  • Some have medical problems.

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