1948 - 1968

Class of 64

Update : November 13, 2022

  • Most members studied Engineering after passing I.Sc.(B) in 1960 and graduated with BE in 1964.
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Dr. Ohn Myint in New Jersey


  • Saya U Kyaw Myint (M/Auto) worked for UN Projects in Beijing.
    He hosted Saya U Aung Khin and Saya U San Tun.
    After retirement, he moved to California.
    He was Patron of TDS.
    Spouse : Dr. Daw Kyin Yee (GBNF)
  • Saya U Lay Aung (M) taught at RIT and Assumption University in Bangkok.
  • Edward Teoh (M, MEHS)
    Fifth of 15 Teoh Siblings (named in alphabetical order from Albert to Oscar)
    Aero modeling club
    Houston, Texas
    Volunteer Consultant for selected monasteries in the USA
    Spouse : Daw Khin Thein Yi (ChE65)
  • Saya U Thein Tan (C) retired as Rector of MTU.
    Post graduate studies in UK.
    He rowed for the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Saya U Khin Maung Phone Ko (C) was a Cartoonist.
    He moved to Singapore.
  • Saya Dr. Ohn Myint (C) retired from World Bank, but was hired back as a Consultant.
    He traveled to 50+ countries for WB Projects.
  • Oscar Ba Aye (C, MEHS)
    He moved to USA.

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