1948 - 1968

Class of 63

Update : November 13, 2022

  • Most members matriculated in 1957 and graduated with B.Sc.(Engg) in 1963.
  • U Sein Htoon (M63) and son Zeyar Linn (M02) form the Second RUBC Father-Son Pair who are Past Captain and Gold.
    U Sein Htoon coxed the 1960 ARAE Champion RUBC Crew : U Tin Htoon (A60, Stroke), Sunny Teng (3), Victor Htun Shein (2, GBNF), Dr. Harry Saing (Bow, GBNF).
    He is Past President of Burma Rowing Federation.
  • Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63) was the younger Saya U Tin Hlaing at RIT Mechanical Engineering.
    To differentiate, his friends called Saya “Byte” or “R” Tin Hlaing.
    He moved to Singapore.
    He was Co-chair of SPZP-2002.
  • U Than Soe (M63) is RUBC Gold.
    He is the elder brother of Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67, GBNF). He moved to USA.
  • U Shwe Kyaw (M63, GBNF) played Volleyball for BIT and RU.
    He was Officiating Major when he perished in a plane crash.
    Spouse : Sayama Daw Khin Toe Myint (Zoo).
    Brothers : Shwe Zan Aung (SPHS63, GBNF), Dr. Shwe Tun Kyaw (Vipassana teacher).
    Son Ko Thet Win Kyaw played Drums at SPZP-2000.
  • Saya K C Chiu (Dr. Tin Aung, ChE63) is the younger brother of Saya Dr. Aung Soe (C61).
    He is Past President of BEA.
    He is a founding member of RIT Alumni International and an organizer of SPZP-2000.
    He moved from Northern California to Southern California (after retirement).
  • Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War, EE63) is a Distinguished Author, Poet, Editor.
    He chaired SPZP-2002 and SPZP-2010.
    He served as Chief Editor of RIT Annual Magazines, Hlyat Sit Sar Saung, Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saungs for SPZP 2002, 2007 and 2010, Swel Daw Yeik Magazines for Shwe YaDu 2014 and SPZP-2006.
    He published several books (Collection of Poems & Articles).
  • Saya U Sein Maung (EE63) taught at RIT and Assumption University.
    Daw Lily Win (T72) sponsored Saya to attend SPZP-2000.
  • Saya U Ba Myint (EE63) retired as Pro-Rector of YTU.
  • Saya U Thein Dan
  • Saya Dr. Win Tin served as Associate Dean of Engineering at Assumption University
  • Saya U Khaing Oo took some courses at UCC before going for post-graduate studies in Japan
  • U Myint Khine (C63) was RU Boxing Champion and RUBC Green.
    He was competitive in Soccer and Track & Field. He moved to UK.
    He wrote articles for RIT Alumni International Newsletter.

Feedback from, U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN(Retired)):

Provided information about Saw Tun Kyaw La (C63)
, U Soe Myint (C63), U Ye Nyunt (M63), U Aye Kyu (EE63), U Ohn Kyaw (C63), U Chit Thaung (M63), U Kyaw Thaung (M63), U Aung Myint (M63), U Maung Maung (Ch63), U Sein Hone (M63), U Khin Maung Yin (M63), U Oo Tun Wai (M63), U Tet Tun (M63), U Hla Tint (M63), U Win Pe (M63), U Tun Kyi (M63), U Hla Yi (M63), U Tint Aung (M63), U Hla Tun (M63), U Mya Thein (M63), U San Tin (M63), U Nay Tun (EE63), U Tun Myaing (M63), U Yu Kyi (M63), U Myo Lwin (M63), U Shwe Kyaw (M63), U Lwin Shein (M63), U Bo Sein (M63)

Saw Tun Kyaw La (C63)

  • CC (Retired)
  • He was a footballer from Amara Hall

U Soe Myint (C63)

  • SE, CC(Retired)
  • He was from Paan

U Ye Nyunt (M63)

  • AMD (Retired)

U Aye Kyu (EE63)

  • EE (Retired)
  • He was in our BIT volleyball team during 1961-62.

U Ohn Kyaw (C63, GBNF)

  • DG, Meteorological Dept. (Retired)

U Chit Thaung (M63)

  • Project Director (Retired)
  • Agri. Products Trading Enterprise
  • After retirement, he worked in a Co. in Nigeria.

U Kyaw Thaung (M63)

  • Dy GM (Retired)
  • Agri. Products Trading Enterprise

U Aung Myint (M63, GBNF)

  • EE, Agri. Products Trading Enterprise (Retired)

U Maung Maung (Ch63)

  • Dy. GM (Retired)
  • Agri. Products Trading Enterprise

U Sein Hone (M63, GBNF)

  • Dy. CE, SAMB/(TC1)

U Khin Maung Yin (M63)

  • Dy. Director AMD (Retired)
  • He was from Moulmein

U Oo Tun Wai (M63)

  • Dy Director (Retired)
  • Water Resource Mgt.

U Tet Tun (M63)

  • Dy Director, Drilling (Retired)
  • MPCE

U Hla Tint (M63)

  • Director, Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection (Retired)

U Win Pe (M63)

  • CE, Agri. Products Trading Enterprise (Retired)

U Tun Kyi (M63)

  • Dy. GM, Agri. Products Trading Enterprise (Retired)

U Hla Yi (M63)

  • Dy. GM, Agri. Products Trading Enterprise (Retired)
  • He was from Dawei

U Tint Aung (M63)

  • EE, State Timber Corpn. (Retired)
  • He was from Thanlyin.

U Hla Tun (M63)

  • AMD (Retired)
  • Worked in Laos under UN programme.
  • He was from Thaton

U Mya Thein (M63)

  • Lt Col, DI (Retired)
  • Asst CE, EPC

U San Tin (M63)

  • MOC
  • EC , S&R EC 1962-63.
  • He was from Morton Lane Judson HS, Moulmein.

U Nay Tun (EE63, GBNF)

  • EC, S &R EC 1962-63
  • SAMB (TC 1) ,Retired

U Tun Myaing (M63)

  • He was the President of S & R 1962-63
  • AMD (Retired)
  • He was from Myintkyina.

U Yu Kyi (M63, GBNF)

  • IWTB (Retired)
  • He was from State HS No.1, Moulmein

U Myo Lwin (M63, GBNF)

  • RTC
  • He was from St. Patrick’s HS, Moulmein

U Shwe Kyaw (M63, GBNF)

  • Off. Major, Air Force, GBNF
  • He perished when his plane crashed near Meikhtila.
  • He was a good volleyball player, team mate in BIT (1961-62) and in Ramanya Hall (1959-60), Also played in RU volleyball team.

U Lwin Shein (M63)

  • RTC (Retired)
  • He was from Moulmein

U Bo Sein (M63, GBNF)

  • RTC

Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing (M63)

  • Moved to Singapore
  • Co-organizer, SPZP-2002
  • Tone Kyaw

U Sein Htoon (M63)

  • Past Captain and Gold, RUBC
  • AEAE Champion for Coxed Fours, Colombo, 1960
  • Past President, Burma Rowing Federation
  • Son : U Zyar Linn (Past Captain and Gold, RUBC)
  • Second Pair of Father-Son who are Past Captain and Gold of RUBC

U Than Soe (M63)

  • RUBC Gold
  • Brother : Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67, GBNF)

U Myint Khine (C63)

  • Naval Architect
  • Represented Faculty of Engineering in Rowing, Soccer, Track and Field
  • RU Boxing Champion
  • Moved to UK
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Saya U Moe Aung (EE63)

  • Laureate Poet
  • Chair, SPZP-2002 and SPZP-2010
  • Editor, RUESU Annual Magazine
  • Chief Editor, RIT Annual Magazines
  • Chief Editor, Hlyat Sit Sar Saung
  • Chief Editor, Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung for SPZP-2002, SPZP-2007 and SPZP-2010
  • Chief Editor, Swel Daw Yeik Magazine for Shwe YaDu 2014 and SPZP-2016
  • Patron, SDYF

Saya U Ba Myint (EE63)

  • Pro Rector, YTU

Saya Dr. Win Tin (EE63)

  • Patron, SPARK
  • Post graduate studies in France
  • Associate Dean, Assumption University

Saya U Sein Maung (EE63)

  • Taught at RIT and Assumption University

Saya U Khine Oo (EE63)

  • Post-graduate studies in Japan

Saya U Soe Min (EE63, GBNF)

  • Studied Aviation in UK
  • Transferred to Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA)

Saya U Chin Way (EE63, GBNF)

  • SPARK Saya
  • Moved to USA

Saya U Kyi Kong Tham (C63)

  • Moved to USA

Saya U Koung (C63)

  • Moved to USA

Saya K C Chiu (Dr. Tin Aung, ChE63)

  • Moved to USA
  • Past President, BEA

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