1948 - 1968

Class of 62 (Part One)

Update : November 13, 2022

  • Most members matriculated in 1956 and graduated with B.Sc.(Engg) In 1962.
  • On behalf of Bagyee Myat Myo Myint, Saya U Nyunt Htay (Met73) presented a Pon Tu of Saya Dr. Khin Maung Win (Met, GBNF) to Sayagadaw Dr. Khin Than Nwe (T62, Sole Female Engineer of the Class of 62).
  • Saya Mao Toon Siong served as National Coach of Burma Table Tennis Team.
    He was National Table Tennis Champion in Singles and Doubles.
    He competed in the World Championship in Beijing.
    Daw Tin Tin Maw was Chemistry Sayama. They moved to USA.
  • U Aye (HIC, UN/FAO), U Soe and U Tin Win received their degree certificates from Saya U Yone Mo at Aung San Stadium.
    U Aye played volleyball for BIT and RU.
    He retired in Thailand. He provided feedback / information (e.g Grads from 1954 – 1963).
  • Saya S. Arya (GBNF) had a lovely accent.
    He is remembered by students of his SOM Tutorial Class in general, and Ko Ba Thein (Atlanta) in particular.
  • Saya Dr. Tin Win was the youngest in his Class, but among the Top.
    He was Joint Winner for scoring the highest marks in Mathematics for Combined I.Sc classes.
    He is Past President of BASES and Organizer of the 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles.
    He competed in the LA Marathon to raise fund (to sponsor Sayas for SPZP-2007).
    Sayagadaw Lily (T72) was Secretary of BEA.
  • U Myint Thein Lwin retired from DI / HIC.
  • U Hla Kyi is a Khamee Khamet of Saya U Hlwan Moe and Daw Emily.
  • Dr. San Lin taught part-time at RIT.
    He worked at EPC and UN Project in Thailand before moving to USA.
    His spouse has Dr. Daw Thynn Thynn founded Sae Taw Win 2 Dhamma Center in Sebastopol, California. A replica of Shwe Dagon and surrounding Zedis will have Htee Tin Pwe in March, 2022.
  • U Than Se (Richard) is Paulian.
  • U Aung Gyi (Simon) is Spouse of Daw Yin Yin Kyi
    Cousin of U Than Se
  • Saya U Tin Maung Thein is the eldest son of Arzani U Ohn Maung.

Photos, Captions and many entries provided by U Aye (M62, HIC, FAO/UN (Retired)) and Bohmugyi Myint Thein Lwin (M62)

Mechanical 1962 Group Photo

Class Photo

Another Group Photo (Casual Moment)

U Myint Thein Lwin (M62)

  • 1st. Batch Burma Institute of Technology GYOGONE
  • 1962 B.Sc Engg (Mech)
  • Retired from Defense Industry / Heavy Industry

U Aye (M62)

  • Played Volleyball for BIT and RU
  • Worked for HIC
  • Retired from UN/FAO

BIT Volleyball Team

Saw David Tha (C62)

  • Construction Corp. (Retired)
  • He was from Amara Hall

U Kyaw Win (M62, GBNF)

  • Lt. Col. Air Force (Retired)
  • He was from Kadoe-Kawhnat (Near Moulmein)

Chu Taik Chun (M62)

  • Moved to USA.

Mr V. Grover (M62)

  • Went back to India.

Mr. Khrishna Nand (M62)

  • Went back to India

U Bo Ni (M62)

  • MOC (Retired)
  • He was from Chauk. We were together in Prome Hall during 1958-59.

U Myint Soe(M62)

U Hla Kyi (M62)

  • Air Force (Retired)

U Hla Myint (M62)

  • Air Force (Retired)
  • He was from Pathein

U Khin Mg Htoo (M62)

  • Burma Railways (Retired)
  • UNiDO

U Tint Way (M62)

  • AMD (Retired)

U Htun Win (M62)

  • Col DI (Retired)

U Soe Thein (M62)

  • BEME (Retired)
  • He was from St Patrick’s HS, Moulmein

U Way Lwin (M62)

  • AMD (Retired)

Mr. Shantilal (M62)

  • Went back to India

U Aung Myat (M62)

  • AMD (Retired)

Mr S. Arya (M62)

  • RIT

U Soe (M62)

  • Water Resource Management (Retired)
  • He was from Morton Lane Judson HS, Moulmein

U Kyaw Win (M62)

  • AMD (Retired)
  • He was from St Patrick’s HS, Moulmein.
  • Kyaw Win, Aye Mu, U Aye were together in St Pat, Moulmein, III std.

U Tin Win (M62, GBNF)

  • RTC (Retired)
  • He was from St Patrick’s HS, Moulmein.

U Sein Win (M62, GBNF)

  • AMD
  • He was from Thaton.

U Hla Myint (M62)

  • Air Force(Retired)
  • He was from Moulmein.

U Yan Aung (M62)

U Naing Win (M62)

  • Mechanized Construction Corp.
  • Moved to US.
  • He was from St Albert, Maymyo.

U Aye Mu (M62)

  • MD, Burma Railways (Retired)
  • We (U Aye, U Aye Mu & U Aung Win) were together at St Patrick’s HS in First std.

U Aung Win (G. Ramani, M62)

  • Went back to India.
  • We (U Aye, U Aye Mu & U Aung Win) were together at St Patrick’s HS in First std.

U Kyaw Than (Min Kwan Tham, ChE62)

  • Hall mate of U Hla Myint(A62) and U Mg Mg Aye (C62)

U Oo Tun Sein (EE62, GBNF)

  • Capt. DI

U Soe Thein (EE62)

  • Lt Col.(Retired) (Navy)

U Kyaw Aye (EE62)

  • EPC (Retired)

U Khin Mg Thein (EE62)

  • Lt. Col. Air Force (Retired)

U Aung Gyi (Ch62)

  • Director, Myanmar Foodstuff Industry (Retired)

Lt. Col Sann Aung (C62)

  • GE (Retired)

U Than Naing /U Than Dan (C62)

  • Irrigation (Retired)
  • He was from Chaung Oo
  • We were together at Prome Hall 1958-59.

U Ohn Myint (C62)

  • Dy Minister
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation
  • I met him whenever I went on duty travel from FAO/UN as a Field Programme Officer.

U Nyunt Maung (C62)

  • CC
  • We were together at Prome Hall in 1958-59

U Mg Maung Lay (EE62)

  • EPC

Chow Seik Lim (EE62)

  • EPC
  • Went for further study/training to Germany.
  • Returned to EPC and later moved to Australia.
  • He took most of our group photos including the BIT volleyball team of 1962.

U Than Htay (C62)

  • Irrigation (Retired), Room 53, F Block, BIT

U Hla Myint (A62)

  • Our room mate at BIT F Block, Room 54

U Mg Mg Aye (C62)

  • Our room mate at BIT, F Block, Room 52

U Chit Swe (EE62)

  • EPC
  • He was from Mandalay

U Zin Myint (EE62)

  • EPC

U Thant Zin (EE62)

  • Lt. Col. (GE) (Retired)

U Thein Kyi (EE62)

  • Asst. Factory Manager
  • Myanmar Foodstuff Industry

U Win Myint (Ch62)

  • GM, HIC/ Director/ TSC

U San Lin (C62)

  • Stood first in his classes, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.
  • Received the Candidate of Technical Science (PhD) from Russia.
  • EPC/UN-ESCAP (Retired)
  • When I was in FAO/UN as Field Programme Officer, he was in the ESCAP.

U Sein Ti (C62)

  • ME (RIT)
  • EPC

U Myo Myint (C62)

  • Deputy Minister
  • Met him at his office when I visited Yangon on duty travel from FAO/UN
  • He was from Mandalay, and a footballer from from Amara Hall.

U Ko Ko Gyi (C62)

  • SE (Irrigation (Retired)
  • We were together at Ramanya Hall during (1959-61), he was from Mandalay.

U Khin Mg Htay (M62)

  • Received M.Engg (Alberta)
  • SE (Irrigation ) (Retired)

U Chit Swe (C62)

  • SE, CC (Retired)
  • He was from Myitkyina
  • We were together at Ramanya Hall 1059-61 and at BIT, F block (1961-62)
  • He was in our Ramanya volleyball team during (1959-60)

U Khin Mg Tint (C62)

  • EE, EPC (Retired)
  • We were together at Ramanya Hall (1959-61) and at BIT, F block (1961-62)

U Yan Naing (EE62)

  • MD (EPC) (Retired)
  • Received AMIEE from UK.
  • Our Hallmate at Ramanya Hall and BIT F block.

U Thein Tun (M62)

  • Navy
  • Deputy Minister for Industries

U Ba Nyunt (C62)

  • RU track and field (Discuss, Javelin) Star
  • Basketball Great, and
  • BIT Football Team Captain.
  • U Aye and U Ba Nyunt were together at Prome Hall in 1958-59.

Saya Mao Toon Siong (M62)

  • Burma Table Tennis Champion : Singles and Doubles
  • Represented Burma in SEAP, Asian Games and World Championship
  • National Coach
  • Manager / Coach, RIT Table Tennis
    Inter-Institute Champion in the mid 1960s
  • Spouse : Sayama Daw Tin Maw Maw (Chemistry)

Saya Dr. Tin Win (M62)

  • Past President, BASES
  • Ran LA Marathon to raise fund to sponsor sayas to SPZP-2007 in Singapore
  • Co-organizer
    2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles
  • Spouse : Daw Khin Htar Yee (Lily)

Daw Khin Than Nwe (T62)

  • Lone female graduate from the Class of 62
  • Spouse : Dr. Khin Maung Win (Met, GBNF)

U Than Se (ChE62)

  • Richard
  • Moved to USA

Dr. Win Aung (M62)

  • Worked for National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Secretary, iNEER
  • Father : Saya C Ping Lee

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