1948 - 1968

Class of 55 (Part Two)

Update : November 13, 2022

Dr. Aung Gyi, U Min Wun and U Maung Maung Than (GBNF) were among the first engineering students sent to US as State Scholars under the “Twinning Project” proposed by Sayagyi U Ba Hli.

Dr. Aung Gyi (C)

Pon Tu of Dr. Aung Gyi
Civil Sayas and Alumni
  • Received his BSCE and MSCE from MIT, and his doctorate from the University of Alberta.
  • Succeeded U Yone Moe as Rector.

U Min Wun (C)

Pon Tu of U Min Wun
Saya U Min Wun and Saya DAG in 2000
  • Received his BSCE from MIT and his MSCE from Cornell University.
  • Retired as Professor and Head of Civil Engineering Department.
  • Served as Advisor for the Myanmar Pyet Ka Dein Committee.

U Maung Maung Than (T, GBNF)

Pon Tu of U Maung Maung Than
  • Received his BS from Clemson University and MS from Lowell University
  • Served as Chairman of the RIT Sports Council.
  • Served as Rector
  • Retired as Director General of DHE.
  • Hobbies include Chinlon and Music (e.g. Harp).

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