1948 - 1968

Class of 52 – 56

Update : November 13, 2022

Class of 1952

S. Mahinda (C52)

  • PWD (Retired)
  • He was from Moulmein.
  • A member of the victorious Prome Hall football team in the early 1950s.

U Win Kyu (C 52)

  • PWD ( Retired)
  • A member of the victorious Prome Hall football team in the early 1950s.

U Kyaw Thein (C52)

  • EE, ESB ( EPC) (Retired)
  • He was from Mawlamyine

Saya U Sein Hlaing (EE52, GBNF)

  • MSEE from MIT
  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Spouse : Daw Nyunt Nyunt Yee (GBNF)

U Myint Khine (M52, GBNF)

  • Chief Mechanical Engineer (Irrigation)
  • Worked in FAO/UN project in Laos/World Bank project in Pakistan
  • Per U Aye : We were together in Laos, but in different FAO/UN projects.

U Win Maung (EE52)

  • Col. DI (Retired)
  • Minister for Health

U Kyu Po (C52)

  • Lt Col , DI ( Retired)
  • MD, MPPE

U Maung Cho (EE52)

  • Col. DI ( Retired)
  • MD, HIC
  • Minister for Industry 2.

U Maung Maung Win (M52)

  • CE, State Timber Board (STC)
  • Director, Paper and Chemical Corporation.

U Chit Swe (M52)

  • Chief, Boiler Inspector

U Teza Tin Ohn (C52)

  • Outstanding Student 1951-52
  • CE, Port Commissioner
  • He was from Mudon

U Sin Han (C52)

  • SE, CC
  • He was from Myeik.

Class of 1953

Saya U Tin Swe (EE53)

  • Member, Prome Hall Soccer Team
    Won Inter-Hall Trophy for three consecutive years
  • Also played good Tennis
  • MSEE from University of Michigan
  • Retired as Lecturer of Electrical Engineering
    Sadly, he passed away before EE became two separate departments : Electronics and Power
  • Early “Power” User at UCC
    Power System Analysis and Design with his former and then current students

U Han Sein (C53, GBNF)

  • SE- PWD(CC) (Retired).
  • He was from Mawlamyine.

Class of 1954

U Aw Taik Moh (C54)

  • Also known as “Uncle Dick”
  • Business Manager
    RUESU Annual Magazine
  • Received MS from MIT
  • Wrote “BOC College Graduate” article for RIT Alumni International Newsletter

U Taik Ain (C54, GBNF)

  • SE- PWD (CC) Retired.
  • He was from Mudon,
  • Member of the victorious Prome Hall football team, 1950-51,1951-52.
  • RU Tennis champion.
  • Passed away in 2020

U Kyaw Hla (M54)

  • Received M.Eng. from Mc Gill
  • Manager, PEI (2), Ministry of Industry.
  • Part time Lecturer – 1961-62.

U Maung Maung (M54)

  • From St. Patrick’s HS, Mawlamyine
  • First in the Class of M 54, outstanding student 1953-54.
  • Chief Engineer, State Agricultural Marketing Board, (TC 1)
  • FAO/ UN Project Manager, in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia.
  • FAO missions to Cameroon, Sierra Leone, The Gambia.
  • (daughter Daw Aye Aye Htike (M 91), provided the class photo of M54.)

U Than (M54)

  • From Mawlamyine
  • Director, IDC, Ministry of Industry 1.

U Tun Aung Kyaw (M54)

  • From Sittwe
  • Director, IDC, Ministry of Industry 1.

U Khin Mg Nyunt (M54)

  • EE, Jute Mill (Retired)

U Ba Kyi (M54)

  • EE, Steel Mill (Retired)

U Mg Mg Aye (M54)

  • EE, Steel Mill (Retired)

U Tin Hla (54)

  • GM, General Industries
  • Ministry of Industry 1.

U Mya Thein (M54)

  • Chief Technical Officer (Navy) (Retired)
  • Myanmar Embassador to Japan ( Retired)

Class of 1955

U Hla Myint ( 55)

  • Major GE ( Retired)
  • Director, TSC
  • Ministry of Industry 2

U Tin Oo (M55)

  • Major, BEME,( Retired) DG, AMD

U Tin Tut (C55)

  • Port Commissioner, Yangon. (Retired)

U Myint Thein (C55)

  • SE, PWD ( Retired)
  • Went to Brishbane, Australia for further study/ training.
  • He was from Mawlamyine
  • Son of U Tun Shwe, Myanmar Saya at St. Patrick’s HS

U Tint Swe (Jimmy Sein, C55, GBNF)

  • Dy. DG, Vocational and Technical Education Dept. (Retired)
  • From St.Patrick’s HS, Mawlamyine.
  • Member of victorious Prome Hall Football team, 1950-51,1951-52.

U Khin Maung Gyi (EE55)

  • EE, Electricity Supply Board (EPC)
  • Moulmein in (1959-60).
  • Per U Aye : Our group of second year Engg students went for training under his supervision in 1959-60) in Moulmein (Mawlamyine)

U Bo Ni (M55)

  • Lt-Col D.I. (Retired)
  • Ministry of Planning

U Maung Ohn (M55)

  • Col. DI (Retired)
  • DG, IDC, Ministry of Industry 1
  • MD, HIC
  • Dy. Minister, Ministry of Industry 1.

U Thaung Sein (M55)

  • Received M.Eng.from Mc Gill
  • MDC, Ministry of Mines (Retired)
  • Worked in Nepal under UN programme.

U Thaung (C55)

  • CC (Retired)
  • He was from Taunggyi.
  • Member of victorious Prome Hall football team in the early 50s.

Class of 56

U Tin Hlaing (EE56)

  • Burma Railways (Retired)
  • Father of San Yu Hlaing (UCC)


Feedback provided by U Aye (M62), HIC/FAO/UN (Retired)

Entries for
S. Mohinda (C52), U Win Kyu (C52), U Kyaw Thein (C52), U Myint Khine (M52), U Win Maung (EE52), U Kyu Po (C52), U Maung Cho (EE52), U Chit Swe (M52), U Teza Tin Ohn (C52), U Sin Han (C52),
U Han Sein (C53),
U Taik Ain (C54), U Kyaw Hla (M54), U Maung Maung (M54), U Than (M54), U Khin Mg Nyunt (M54), U Ba Kyi (M54), U Mg Mg Aye (M54), U Tin Hla (54), U Mya Thein (M54)
U Hla Myint ( 55), U Tin Oo (M55), U Myint Thein (C55),U Tint Swe (Jimmy Sein, C55), U Khin Maung Gyi (EE55), U Bo Ni (M55), U Maung Ohn (M55), U Thaung Sein (M55), U Tin Tut (C55), U Thaung (C55)

Group photo of M1954 provided by Daw Aye Aye Htike (M 91), daughter of U Maung Maung (M54)

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