Rangoon University

RU [6]


  • In the English alphabet, there are 26 letters.
  • There are 26 Upper Case letters A – Z.
  • There are 26 Lower Case letters a – z.
  • The corresponding letters from the Upper Case and Lower Case are known as Allographs. e.g. A and a
  • Many English words were derived from Latin which had 23 letters.
  • In Old English, the letters V and U are allographs.
  • The early Printing presses use the letter V (instead of U, e.g. VNIVERSITY as in the Inscription shown). Based on context, the V is pronounced as U.
  • The letter W is written in some old languages as UU or VV and is pronounced as “Double U”.

Some stone inscriptions from Rangoon University has FOVNDATION and VNIVERSITY. They stand for FOUNDATION and UNIVERSITY (since U and V are allographs).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is inscription-1928.jpg
Inscription (1928)

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