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RU [51]

RIT Automobile Club

  • U Myo Win (Melvin Ba Tin, M/Ag65, GBNF) taught at RIT and later at Wagga Wagga, Australia.
  • He represented RIT in Rowing.
  • He also supervised the RIT Auto Club.
  • Per Ko Hla Oo, he and fellow members of the RIT Auto Club bade farewell to Saya U Myo Win. There were 25 or so members. The group provided a receipt for the gathering.
  • I had reported the event in RIT Alumni International Newsletter (which I founded in 1999) and also in the RIT Update Facebook book page (which is a Secret / Private group with 1600+ members) and also in my web site hlamin.com (which has 2000 or so posts).
  • I created the “Receipts” album. I captioned the photo “Old Receipt (when Kyat still had good value)”.
  • The album had been seen by 1000+ members.
  • Many have shared them (some for nostalgia for the good old times when one Pound was traded for 13 Kyats and one US Dollar was traded for 5 – 6 Kyats, and some to show to the younger generation as “Believe it or not” item).
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