Rangoon University

RU [47]


  • According to a Historian from Smithsonian,
    “There is no single correct history.
    There are often competing and contradicting histories.”
  • The duty of a historian is to present facts and not opinions.
  • It is up to the reader to read the historical documents critically and make his/her judgement.


  • During the Adhamma Era, sayas sayamas and students were forced to “Let Oak Chi” to visiting Taing Hmus and Higher.
  • One exception was Saya U Hla Shwe (Textile 69) who continued teaching saying, “This is my duty. I can only come when the class is done.”
  • When U Hla Shwe fell ill, a blogger recounted the episode, and several who did not know U Hla Shwe donated for his medical expenses.


  • At one period, there was excessive censorship.
  • My story and translation “A Man of Infinite Valor” about Ananda Thuriya was censored.
    Dhammata” poem was a taboo.
    The Higher Authorities did not like the line “One [person] must face destruction for another to prosper”.
  • No publication (e.g. poem) must refer to the “sun” and “sun set”.
  • I wrote computer articles for the Guardian.
    The articles had to be approved by a group of three Chief Editors (U Soe Myint, Chief Editor of Guardian and Chief Editors of two Myanmar newspapers).
  • With the “Pwint Linn” Era, several books and photos (which would not pass censorship) are available.
  • Htein Win (Dat Pone) had to wait several decades before he could publish two books : one about “U Thant Ah Yay Ah Khinn” and another about “8-8-88 Ah Yay Ah Khin”.

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