Rangoon University

RU [45]


  • Dr. Hla Bu was Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at Rangoon University.
    Later, Rangoon University established Philosophy and Psychology as separate departments.
  • Psychology is derived from “Psycho” (meaning Mind) and “logy” (meaning study [of]).
  • Dr. Hla Thwin, father of U Mya Thwin (Philip, EP75), served as Professor of Psychology.
  • Dr. Kyaw Sein served as Minister of Education in the BSPP era.
  • Saya U Khin Maung Tint
    Well-known author
    Pen name : Tekkatho Phone Naing
    Served as Principal, Taunggyi College
  • Sayama Daw Elsie Po Sa
    Passed away
  • Sayama Daw Flora San Pe
    Retired as Library in charge of the Burmese section at the Library of Congress
  • The term Psychology appears in some computer books :
    The Psychology of Programming (by G. Weinberg)
    The Psychology of Computer Vision (by P. H. Winston)

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