Rangoon University

RU [42]


  • Saya U Thein Han (Zawgyi) and Saya U Wun (Minthuwun) co-founded “Khit San Sar Pay” with ICS U Sein Tin (Theikkpan Maung Wa, first Honors graduate from the Burmese Department).
  • Saya Zawgyi’s Kabyars are recited by young children in events (e.g. Literary Talks) all over the world.
  • His Beda Lann Kabyars are classic.
  • Dr. Lyn Swe Aye and his translation of Beda Lann was featured in a documentary by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).
  • Saya Minthuwun’s “Su, Tu, Pyu” inspired many poets.
  • Saya’s friends and colleagues are distinguished writers.
    They translated Saya’s poems and his short story “Bagyi Aung Nyar Dei”) into English, and published the bi-lingual book.
  • There is a post on “Khit San Kabyar“.
  • A collection of Kabyars was published by former EC members of RU Ka Laung Ah Thinn to commemorate the RU Centennial.
  • Dr. Maung Maung Nyo has written some poems.
  • One is about the “empty nest syndrome” of the parents (which can be extended to sayas and sayamas).

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