Rangoon University

RU [41]

  • Burma produced several distinguished economists.
  • Some early ones are listed below.


Professor Erza Solomon

  • Chair, Department of Economics, Stanford University
  • Author of “The Theory of Financial Management”
  • Advisor for President Nixon

Dr. Hla Myint 

  • Ph.D in Economics from LSE (London School of Economics)
  • Professor of Economics, RU
  • Rector, RU
  • Economic Adviser, National Planning
  • Taught Development Economics at LSE
  • Author of “South East Asia’s Development Policy”

Dr. Tun Thin

  • Ph.D. from Harvard University (won “Best Dissertation”)
  • Author of “Theory of Markets”
  • IMF
  • Taught Economics at RU (Mentor of Dr. Ronald Findlay)

Dr. Tun Wai

  • Ph.D from Yale University
  • Chair, RU Economics Department
  • IMF (Deputy Director, IMF Institute)
  • Author of six books

Dr. Aye Hlaing

  • Taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences, RU
  • Rector, Institute of Economics
  • Chairman, Union of Burma Bank

Dr. Ronald Findlay

  • Ph.D from MIT
  • Chair, Economics Department, Columbia University
  • Research Professor, Institute of Economics, Rangoon
  • Author of six (or more) books

Dr. Aye Hlaing

  • Ph.D., London
  • Professor of Economics, Faculty of Social Science
  • Rector, Institute of Economics
  • Chair, Union Bank of Burma

Dr. Maung Shein

  • Ph. D from Cambridge
  • Taught at Institute of Economics
  • Worked at World Bank
  • After retirement, he was appointed as Deputy Minister.

U Shwe Mra

  • ICS
  • Economics Honors from RU
  • Chief Secretary of the Burmese Government

Decline of Economy

Burma was once known as the “Rice Bowl of Asia“.

It is unfortunate for Burma/Myanmar to descend into LDC.


Factors that might have contributed to the decline include

  • Indiscriminate Nationalization
  • Unwarranted Demonetization
  • Nepotism
  • Less emphasis on Civics, Ethics and Education

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