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It’s a small world

  • The following is a sampling of “Six degrees (or less) of Separation”.
  • It also illustrates “Associative Memory”.
  • Saya U Sein taught us Burmese at SPHS (St. Paul’s High School).
  • Saya Sein’s students include Saya U Thet Lwin (Ngwe Hlinne, composer of “Mya Kyun Nyo” song that was sung at the Opening Ceremony of Yar Pyay Ah Kyo)”.
    The song was first recorded as a “Dat Pya” at Myanmar Ah Than (Burma Broadcasting Service). It was first sung by U Mya Thein and group.
    It was also sung by the RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins in Singapore (fondly known as the “Pon Chan Chan Group” led by Don Min U Yu Swan).
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Mya Kyun Nyo
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U Thet Lwin
  • U Thet Lwin is the maternal uncle of Ko Sein Tin (who volunteered at UCC while waiting for “permission” to move to Australia.m
  • Saya Sein’s brother-in-law (Saya U Kyaw Sein, who was Class teacher for a different section) taught us as a relieving saya.
  • Saya Sein’s son Saya Dr. Soe Win (SPHS58) stood first in Burma in the Matriculation of 1958. Saya studied Chemistry Honors at RU and did his doctorate at Imperial College, University of London.
    Saya retired as Rector of YUFL
  • IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages) was founded by Saya U Yu Khin (father of Dr. Marie Yu Khin and Dr. Richard Yu Khin).
    IFL evolved into YUFL.
  • Dr. Daw Phay was personal physician of my paternal aunt (mother of U Tin U, U Ba Than, Dr. Ruby, Daw Myint Thwe, Dr. Myo Tint, U Tin Htoon, U Myo Min and U Thaung Lwin).
  • Ko Richard’s aunt was a close friend of Dr. Ruby.
  • Ko Richard won a Gold for Yatching at the 2nd SEAP Games with U Maung Maung Lwin (former Burma weight lifting champion, Commodore of Rangoon Sailing Club).
  • Ko Richard trained along side Ko Tin Maung Ni and swimming stars under a Japanese Swimming Coach.
  • At SPHS, Dr. Soe Win was a classmate of my cousin (Saya U Myo Min, UCC) and my brother-in-law (U Khin Maung Htun, Patron of OPA, GBNF). During his studies in the UK, Saya was given help by U Mya Maung (GBNF) and U Myo Min.
  • Finally met Saya and Sayama Daw May Saw Lwin (MEHS57) during my visit to Myanmar from November 2019 to January 2020.
  • In September 2019, Saya invited me to join the group.
  • After I wrote a few posts, Nyi Nyi (Dr. Nyi Thet Lwin, Saya’s younger son) asked me to become a Moderator.
  • Nyi Nyi founded the group with 14 members including his elder brother (Ko Aung Mon). Recently learned that Ko Aung Mon attended TTC Practicing School together with my nephews and nieces.
  • Dr. Nyi Thet Lwin (Group Admin) was raised on the Campus (after his parents taught at several colleges before getting reassigned to RU).
    Nyi Nyi wanted to learn first hand accounts about the University of Rangoon and its descendants.
  • He is the proud father of Ei Lwin, who achieved grade 9 in all of the nine subjects that she sat in the recent, 2019, GCSE exams.
    Following grandpa’s footsteps almost sixty years later!
  • Robert Sein (SPHS58) stood second in Burma in the Matriculation of 1958. He studied Physics Honors at RU. His classmates include Sayama Daw May Than Nwe (Joyce, GBNF, spouse of Saya U Thein Lwin (GBNF), Sayama Daw Khin Swe Aye (Emily, spouse of Saya U Hlwan Moe (GBNF)) and my sister Sayama Daw Khin Than Nwe. Finally met Ko Robert at the soon kwyay in memory of my brother-in-law.
  • Ko Robert’s sister (Wendy Sein) was our school mate at the last ever I.Sc.(A) at Leik Khone.
  • Wendy’s spouse Dr. Thein Htut (RUBC Gold) rowed with our cousins at RUBC.
  • Dr. Thein Htut’s sister (Daw Tin Tin Aye) was a close friend of my sister.
  • Saya recently mentioned that Daw Myint Myint Tin (Pearl Ba Tin, MEHS58) stood Third in the Matriculation of 1958.
  • Ma Pearl’s spouse was known as “Sargalay” to his Paulian friends.
  • Ma Pearl’s brother (Melvyn, U Myo Win, M/Ag65, GBNF) taught Agricultural Engineering at RIT and an Australian University. He managed the RIT Automobile Club. He rowed as a saya for RIT.
  • Saya’ Melvyn’s spouse (Ma Noreen Aung Gyaw) taught English at RU.
  • Her brothers are H.E. U Nyi Than (GBNF, spouse of Sayama Toni) and U Tin Aung Win (spouse of Dorothy Kyaw Tun).
  • Dorothy’s father (U Kyaw Tun) is a saya of our sayas.
  • Dorothy’s sister (Elizabeth) was my classmate at PPBRS.
  • Dr. Sargalay’s sister (Audrey) was a classmate of my sister-in-law at St. Philomena’s Convent.
  • Audrey’s spouse (Michael Aye) was a classmate of two cousins at SPHS.
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Dr. Soe Win and Daw May Saw Lwin

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