Rangoon University

RU [35]

  • Two Sayas named Hunter
  • Judson

Two Sayas named Hunter

There were two Sayas named Hunter at the University of Rangoon.

Matthew Hunter

  • Taught Physics and Chemistry, and also studied Geology.
  • Served as Principal of Rangoon College.
  • Tried to persuade the student leaders of the 1936 RU Strike.
    The students explained, “We are not protesting you.
    We are protesting to have changes to the University Act.”
  • Loved the students very much.
  • Tears fell when he had to bid farewell after retiring from Rangoon University.
  • Some awards (given out at the early Convocations) are named after “Matthew Hunter”.

Mark Hunter

  • (John Mark Hunter)
  • Taught and wrote on English Literature.
  • Member of the Commission responsible for the implementation of the Rangoon University Act of 1920.
  • Later served as Professor at RU.


  • Andoniram Judson Jr. (1788 – 1850) was the most significant American Baptist Missionary to Burma.

    His supervisors told him that it would be a tough task.

    There were a few ABMs before him, but they did not stay long.
  • Judson and his team (which included some former dhamma teachers) compiled the English-Burmese and Burmese-English Dictionaries (see photos of two editions).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bur-eng-dictonary.jpg
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  • Judson published the Burmese translation of the Bible.
  • He helped found the association for Baptists.
  • He is honored by having a church and a college named after him.
  • In 1920, Judson College and Rangoon College became constituent colleges of the newly established University of Rangoon.
  • Two buildings for Judson College were donated by the American Baptists.
  • The Willington Hall was built in memory of two families — the Vintons and the Johnsons — of the Church of Willington for their missionary work in Burma.
    It was later known as Dagon Hall.
  • The Benton Hall was donated by Ms. Benton (Treasurer of the Judson Church and/or Judson College).
    It was later known as Thiri Hall.
  • Depending on the period, a Hall may house classrooms or may be used as a hostel.
    There was also a building named North Hall (which later became Shwebo Hall).

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