Rangoon University

RU [33]


  • I have created 30+ albums using the photos from the posts (with credit given to the source where ever possible) and the photos from my archives.
  • The Primary sources include
    Newspapers (e.g. Kyemon),
    Encyclopedias (e.g. Myanmar Swel Sone Kyan),
    Biographies (e.g. by Maung Aung Mon (a) Win Aung Gyi),
    Books (e.g. Collection of Kabyars),
    Brochures (e.g. Convocation),
    Magazines (e.g. Annual Magazines),
    Sar Saungs.
  • I have added relevant comments from the posts, and have added additional information.
  • With the help of specialist volunteers (e.g. Subject Matter Experts), they can be transformed into “Photo Essays” or articles in a digital book or e-books.
  • I have covered several subjects and departments.
  • The albums are not exhaustive and may not be mutually exclusive.
    e.g. The photos of Saya U Pe Maung Tin, Saya Dr. Htin Aung, Saya U Thein Han (Zawgyi) and Saya U Wun (Minthuwun) appear in several albums.


L. D. Stamp

  • Professor Laurence Dudley Stamp taught Geography at Rangoon University and the University of London.
  • He authored several books and articles (e.g. Land Use).
  • One book was a prescribed text in Burma in the early days.
  • He lectured to the first year students at LSE (London School of Economics) instead of delegating to his assistants.
    His rationale : “A major subject can be taught by any qualified teacher, but a minor subject should be introduced by a motivated, senior teacher. The class could be the sole exposure in their academic career; so it is important to give the students an excellent overview of the subject.”

Geography learned at school

  • We had to take World Geography and Burmese Geography in Middle School (then 5th to 7th standard).
    We sat for the last ever Government examination for 7th standard in 1960.
  • In 8th standard, we learned about Contouring and Climatic Interpretation.

Geography Teachers

  • Dr. Daw Thin Kyi is the first native Professor of Geography. She is also one of the early female Professors at Rangoon University.
Dr. Daw Thin Kyi
  • U Kyaw moved to Workers’ College as Principal.
  • Dr. Tin Htoo was a senior lecturer. .
  • I worked as a volunteer assistant for Saya U Hla Htun Aung, who was in charge of the “Zay Nay Yar Cha Htar Yee Committee” for the Rangoon University Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 1970.
    Among those who applied for permits include U Maung Maung Tar (Academy winning actor, trying to sell his line of make up) and the Playboys (Than Naing, Thein Tan, …)
  • Saya Dr. U Win attended UCC before going for his graduate studies in the US. He is an expert on Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He was the last speaker for the conferences held by Burma Research Society (BRS). The higher authorities entered the room and announced that “BRS has been disbanded”.

    U Win blogged about his former sayas and sayamas.
  • After the Education System changes in 1964 and post-1988, there are many more Rectors and Professors.
  • Myint Myint Khine and her friends have posted photos of the senior sayamas and sayas.
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  • I am trying to honor Outstanding Burmese in general, and RU Alumni in particular.
  • Enhanced the list compiled by Saya U Wun (Minthuwun) of “Outstanding Burmese who are First in their field”.
  • Enhanced another list “Early Female Scholars who did post-graduate degrees (mainly in the UK)” with those who studied in USA and elsewhere (using information and feedback from my sayas and friends).
  • Continually updated the list of Top Matriculates (from the Old System).
  • Wrote about outstanding athletes (in Soccer, Swimming, Rowing, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, …)
  • Need Subject Matter Experts (SME) to help payback to our alma mater:
    Photo Exhibitions / Photo Essays
    Books / Kabyars / Cartoons / Movies / Songs related to RU
    Digital books (PDF files, e-books)
    Commemorative Magazines and Sar Saungs

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