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  • Saya U Khin Maung Thint (Jimmy Tin) taught the early batches.
  • The first batch of Architects including Saya U Myo Myint Sein graduated in 1958.
    Saya did Masters apostgraduate studies in the US.
    U Myo Myint Sein (Raymond) succeeded Saya U Tha Tun as Head of the Architecture Department.
    After retirement from RIT as Professor, he moved to the USA.
  • The second batch including Saya Dr. Lwin Aung and U Bo Gyi graduated in 1959.
    Dr. Lwin Aung worked in the industry for several years before joining the Faculty.
    Saya Dr. Lwin Aung (A59) served as Professor of Architecture, and Pro-Rector of YTU (Yangon Technological University). After retirement, he became a monk.
  • The third batch including Koon Yin Chu (Phillip), U Tin Htoon, U Aung Kyee Myint and U Kin Maung Yin graduated in 1960.
  • Koon Yin Chu (Phillip Chu, SPHS54) stood First in Burma in the Matriculation of 1954. He stood First again in the graduating class of Architects in 1960.
  • U Bo Gyi (A59), U Tin Htoon (A60) and U Aung Kyee Myint (A60) founded Architects Incorporated.
  • U Bo Gyi was an accomplished pianist and modeller (e.g. sculpture) and was the senior of the three partners.
    He designed the Daw Khin Kyi Mausoleum., and was “set aside” by higher authorities for his work.
    After retirement, he become a monk.
  • U Tin Htoon (Past Captain and Gold of RUBC) is an ARAE Champion. He and Dr. Harry Saing won the Venables Bowl for coxless pairs at the 1958 ARAE Regatta in Calcutta. He, Dr. Harry Saing, Victor Htun Shein, Sunny Teng and U Sein Htoon won the Willingdon Trophy for coxed fours at the 1960 ARAE Regatta in Colombo. He and U Hla Khin (Navy / Defense) won Silver medal for Yatching at the SEAP Games.
    U Tin Htoon retired after working in Myanmar, Singapore and USA.
  • A few years later, the company was folded. The three Amigos joined PWD (Public Works Department).
  • U Aung Kyee Myint retired as Chief Architect of PWD.
  • U Kin Maung Yin (Modern Art, Director of “Hna Ma Let Shor Nay Lay Dawt”), Paw Oo Thet, Director Win Pe and several artists frequented Architects Incorporated.
  • U Kin Maung Yin used Black and White imagery, Classical Music and minimal dialog in his movie “Hna Ma Let Shawt Ney Lay Dawt” (which attracted some Westerners), but it was the first occurrence where the “First Day First Show” did not sell out.

Albums (Revised)

I have created albums. Members are requested to

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  • create new albums (if required)

The following is a sampling:


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Inter Institute Champions


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Table Tennis

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Table Tennis
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