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Announcements and activities

  • Per Khin Zin :
    The Centennial Celebration Committee is headed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. It consists of the Minister of Education and several members (mostly from the Ministry, Universities and Institutes.
    A commemorative calendar — covering the dress styles of the different ages — is being planned.
    There will be fund raisers.
  • Per Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War) :
    The former Executive Committee members of the 1958 – 1962 Tekkatho Kalaung Ah Thinn will publish
    (a) Collection of Kabyars mainly from the old University magazines
    (b) Magazine with hitherto unpublished articles, essays, short stories, kabyars, etc.
  • Several books have been published to commemorate the RU Centennial.
  • A book and magazine by Tekkatho Kalaung Ah Thinn
  • SMART Sarpay reprinted the book by Maung Aung Mon (Win Aung).
  • Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin was the first native Principal of Rangoon College and the founder of the Burmese Department.
    Sayagyi will be honored by the Myanmar Sar Mi Thar Su in December 2109 with a bust.
  • The bust has been unveiled.
    Daw Tin Tin Myaing (Brenda, daughter of Sayagyi) attended the ceremony.
  • A temporary office for those volunteering for the Centennial Celebrations has been opened in Yangon.
  • Sayagyi U Ba Toke who is a Phwa Bet Taw of the University of Rangoon was interviewed by a TV program.
  • Sayagyi U Ba Toke will turn 100 in December 2020.
    He could be one of the honored guests at the Opening Ceremony of the RU Centennial.
  • Kyemon published an article about the Land marks of the University of Rangoon.
  • Myanmar Ah Lin published a series of articles for RU Centennial.
  • The RU Golden Jubilee in 1970 and the RU Diamond Jubilee in 1995 were celebrated for 2 – 3 weeks.
  • The Centennial Celebrations will kick off on December 1, 2019. The main events will tentatively take place in November and December of 2020.


I have created albums. Members are requested to

  • add captions and comments
  • add photos to existing albums
  • create new albums (if required)

The following is a sampling:

  • Botany
    Dr. Daw Yi Yi (Mother of Okka)
  • Burmese (Myanmar Sar)
    “Khit San Kabyar”
    Saya U Wun (Minthuwun)
    See Aung Pyie (Farewell to Mya Thilar)
  • Chemistry
    Saya U Aung Khin
    Dr Soe Win and Daw May Saw Lwin
    U Nyunt Win
    Dr. Aung Myint
    Dr. Tin Win (Alan)
    Dr. Myint Tun (Henry Cho Tun)
    U Kyaw Tun
    U Maung Maung Gyi
    U Nwe Aung
  • Ma Chit Swe’s Autograph
    Mom of Hazel Kyaw Zaw (Kyi Kyi May)
    Friends of Ma Chit Swe
  • Graduation
    Photo taken at Bayin Ma Studio
    Photos taken inside Convocation Hall
    Photos taken outside Convocation Hall
  • Law
    U May Aung
    Sir Arthur Eggar (founder of RUBC)
    Dr. Ba Han
    U Kyaw Myint
    Sayas and sayamas
    LLB first batch
  • Mathematics
    Sayagyi U Ba Toke
    Dr. Chit Swe
    Dr. Khin Maung Swe (Tekkatho Maung Thin Char)
  • Physics
    Sayagyi Dr Maung Maung Kha
    Dr. Tin Aung
    Dr. Soe Myint Win
    Dr. Aye Thein Kyaw
    Daw May Su
    Dr. Zin Aung
    Dr. Saw Wai Hla
    Dr. Win Naing
    Dr. Myo Thaik
  • Rectors and Registrars
    Dr. Htin Aung
    U Thet Lwin
  • UCC Alumni
    UCC Gathering

Notes :

  • There are more photo albums.
  • I have posted photo essays for some topics.

1940s, 1950s and 1960s

Second World War

  • The Second World War started in 1939 in Europe and spread to Asia.
  • The University of Rangoon suspended classes for three years : 1943 – 1945.
  • Per Sayagyi U Ba Toke :
    There were some make-shift classes at the ad-hoc University in Mogul (Shwe Bon Tha) Street.
    Sayagyi taught Mathematics there.


  • Rangoon University was reopened in 1946.
  • Saya U Tin U (C), Saya U Sein Hlaing (Professor, EE), Dr. Pe Nyun (Pediatric Surgeon) and Dr. Pe Thein (Professor, Minister) attended Rangoon University in 1946.


  • Pinlon Sar Choke (Panglon Agreement) was signed on February 12, 1947.
    Some ethnic races did not attend the Pinlon Conference.
  • Nine Arzanis — Bogyoke Aung San, Thakin Mya, Deedok U Ba Cho, Mahn Ba Khaing, Sao San Htun (Mong Pawn Sawbwa), U Ba Win, U Razak, ICS U Ohn Maung and Yebaw Ko Htwe — were mercilessly gunned down at the Secretariat on July 19, 1947.
    All except Sao San Htun (who was hospitalized with fatal wounds and died on July 20, 1947) perished that day.
    Three ministers including Bagan U Ba Gyan escaped.

1948 and 1949

  • Burma gain Independence on January 4, 1948 at 4:20 AM.
    Sao Shwe Thike / Thaik became the first President of the Union of Burma.
    U Nu became the first Prime Minister.
  • Two factions — White Flag led by Thakin Than Tun and Red Flag led by Thakin Soe — of the Burma Communist Party (BCP) went underground. There was several groups in the armed rebellion.
  • For a short period of time, the Burmese government was called “Yangon Ah So Ya“.
  • Thanks in part to the arms sent by neighboring India, and the volunteer RU students, the planned conquest of Rangoon was derailed. The tide was turned, and Burma was back on the road to normalcy,
  • The Union of Burma had a bi-caramel parliament.


  • Dr. Ba U served as the second President.
    In his book “My Burma”, he considers himself as the first President elected in accordance with the Constitution of the Union of Burma.
    The general public considers him as the Second President (who succeeded Sao Swe Thike).
  • Many States Scholars were sent to the prestigious universities in the USA and UK to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies.
    In 1954, there were 400 Burmese State Scholars (many from the “Twinning Program” proposed by Sayagyi U Ba Hli).
    Dr. Aung Gyi, U Min Wun and U Maung Maung Than were the early recipients of the “Twinning Program” to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies at prestigious universities (e.g. MIT, Cornell).
    Upon their return, they supplemented and later replaced the foreign sayas.
    Some worked for government departments and the Industry.
  • The split in the AFPFL (Anti-Facist People’s Freedom League) party into Clean AFPFL [Thant Shin] and Stable AFPFL [Ti Mye] caused the handover to the “Ein Saunt Ah Soe Ya” (Caretaker Government) in the late 50s.
    Some (e.g. U Nu) consider the event as the first Coup d’etat.


  • Mahn Win Maung, who served as the third President, was detained on March 2, 1962 when a 17-member Revolutionary Council staged a Coup d’etat.
  • Sama Duwa Sinwa Naung (President-elect) did not become President.
  • Per Kyemon U Thaung, seven Council members were not aware of the major decisions.
  • Brigadier General T. Clift (Air Force) resigned.
    He was succeeded by Brigadier General Thaung Dan.
    Several senior officers were sent as Military Attaches.
  • Commodore Than Pe (Navy) passed away.
    He was Ta Wun Gan (Minister) for Health and Education.
    He is Past Captain and President of RUBC.
    RUBC has bronze statues of Sir Arthur Eggar (Founder, Life President) and Commodore Than Pe on the promontory.
    Commodore Thaung Tin (who had jump promotions) succeeded him as Chief of Navy.
    Colonel Hla Han succeeded him as Minister for Health and Education.
  • Colonel Chit Myaing was the last of the original Revolutionary Council members to pass away. He served as Ambassador to Yugoslavia and UK before moving to USA. He was a supporter of U Kelasa (one of the two sayadaws left behind by Mahasi Sayadaw during his visit to US in 1979).
  • Ko Tin Maung Thant (son of UNSG U Thant) passed away unexpectedly during his visit to Burma. The motorcade at his last journey was longer than that of Commodore Than Pe.

Khit San Kabyar

The first volume has poems by U E Maung (later Burmese Professor) and Daw Khin Saw Mu (mother of Daw Khin Saw Tint and U Nay Oke Tint).

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