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  • The Group was created on September 11, 2019.
  • As Of October 3, there are 2300+ members.
  • There are 3000+ posts.
  • There were 60 – 100+ daily posts.
  • We are glad to see rare photos and scanned pages of Anniversary Magazines (e.g. RU Golden Jubilee in 1970), Annual Magazines (e.g. RASU 1984 -85), and many more interesting artifacts.

There are 30000+ members.


University Education for female students

From Hazel Kyaw Zaw’s post, we learned that her mom’s friend (daughter of U San Pe) had to reluctantly leave the University to become a caring spouse and mother.

During my recent visit to Yangon, Sayama Daw May Saw Lwin and Saya Dr. Soe Win invited me to join them at a dinner at Hazel’ s house. They also invited us to join them at their 49th Anniversary Lunch at Saya San Shwe Bei. On both occasions, we met Ko Aung Mon (Saya’s elder son) and his spouse Dr. Lay May Yin (daughter of H.E. U Khin Maung Yin, Engineering Alumni).

Sayama told me this morning that Ko Aung Mon was a classmate of my niece at TTC Practicing School.

Peter Soe-Wynn (son of Dr. Ba Pu) added that the practice effected his mother and two aunts, but the younger aunts were allowed to complete their degrees and work.

Ko Peter’s maternal uncles include Dr. Pe Nyun and Dr. Pe Thein. His cousins include U Tu Myint and Dr. Hla Maung (Ronald).

Hla Shwe

The grand son of Saya U Hla Shwe (Burmese, Principal, Rector, Myanmar Sar Ah Phwe) posted a photo and brief biography of his beloved Grand father.

There was a student leader named “Ah Nar Shin” Hla Shwe (medical doctor, author). He is the younger brother of Bo Let Ya (Thirty Comrades, signer of Let Ya – Freeman Treaty).

There was a younger Saya U Hla Shwe (T69, GBNF) who continued teaching when he was summoned to pay Garawa to a visiting Taing Hmu to the College. He said, “I have to finish this class. That’s my job.”

When his health failed, former students and several people who did not know him (but heard about his integrity from a Post) donated towards his medical expenses. Ko Hla Shwe proved that his Theik Kha was not for sale.

Dr. Kyaw Thet

  • The grand son of Saya Dr. Kyaw Thet (History, Professor, Visiting Professor, Author) posted a video of Saya giving a lecture in English.
  • Saya is an alumnus of SOAS (which was initially called School of Oriental Studies, but later added studies of Africa and Middle East).
  • Dr. Kyaw Thet and Sayama Daw Khin Khin Gyi (History teacher in Myanmar and USA) had four children : U Lyn Maung Thet (PPBRS, GBNF), Dr. Khin Nyo Thet, Dr. Lyn Aung Thet and Daw Khin Aye Thet (GBNF).
  • Dr. Khin Nyo Thet and Dr. “Lyn” Swe Aye provided the seed money for “Aye Thet Scholarship” in memory of Daw Khin Aye Thet. Prizes are awarded to successful recipients of the Summer Dhamma Camp at Half Moon Boon Monastery.
  • Sadly, there will be no Summer Camp this year due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Book Presents

I received several book presents.

Saya U Aung Zaw (UCC)

  • I received two books “Bawa and Dhamma” and “Cetana Thi Thar Kan” by Saya U Aung Zaw (UCC, CSO, ABAC, Australia).
    His niece mailed them to me from Yangon.
  • I am honored to write a Foreword for the first book. The book includes a True Love Story. Saya Zaw was deeply moved when his beloved spouse Daw Kyawt decided to donate her kidney for his transplant.
    The book also covers his life and contributions.
  • The second book contains a Section written by me (based on U Aung Zaw’s ideas) for providing advice to young children (e.g. U Aung Zaw’s grand children who were born in Australia).
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U Wint Khin Zaw (BBS U Khin Zaw’s son)

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  • U Wint Khin Zaw (A79, Australia) air-mailed me a book written by his father “K” (BBS U Khin Zaw, Former Chief Librarian of Rangoon University Central Library, Founder / Director of Myanmar Ah Than”).
  • The original title was “Burma In My Life-Time”, but the Censor Board would not allow a reprint unless the title was changed to “Myanmar In My Life-Time”. There was no Grand Father Clause in the Directive for the Mandatory Name Changes.
  • U Pe Thaw (father of Dr. Zin Aung) succeeded U Khin Zaw as Director of BBS.

The following is a recent post by Ko Wint Khin Zaw (about the early days of BBS):

I heard a very sad news that my beloved cousin sister Ma Ma Baby (Jean Pe Thaw/Oo Oo Khin) passed away on 7 June in Ottawa, Canada. Ma Ma Winsome Tun (her sister in law) kindly called me from Yangon to let me know.

Since I was born, we lived in the same house 27 Windermere Crescent in Yangon. 28 Windermere Crescent was the old BBS before the new one on Prome Road was built. Our family and my uncle’s family shared the house and I was the youngest kid among all, much loved by cousin brothers, the Aungs (Zin, Win, Htay) and Ma Ma Baby their youngest.

I remember her wedding reception was at our place. She used to live in several countries where her diplomat husband was assigned to. She finally settled in Washington DC. When we reunited in 2012 in DC after a very long time we were so so happy. Both Ma Ma Baby and her dearest friend Ma Ma Amy Chit Myaing( Lei Lei Myaing who became our neighbour when they moved in to 28 Windermere Crescent) looked after us so lovingly.

Rest in peace Ma Ma Baby.

Shwe YaDu Magazine in 2014

  • The Editors include Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkaho Moe War), Daw Cho Cho Tin (Ma Sandar), U Win Myint Maung (Non Jar Thaing), U Myint Pe (Cartoon Myint Pe) and U Thiha Latt (Thiha Latt).
  • It published my article “Memories of 69er”.

    Commemorative issues published for the RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwes include :
  • RIT Alumni International Newsletter in USA (2000)
  • Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saungs in Singapore (2002, 2007, 2010)
  • Swel Daw Yeik Magazines in Yangon (2012, 2016)
  • Not sure if there are official publications for SPZP-2004 held in Yangon
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Shwe Ku May Hnin

  • Shwe Ku May Hnin had to listen to the BBS broadcast to learn that she had passed the Matriculation in the late 50s.
  • She was accepted for a stipend which stipulated her to attend two years at the University of Rangoon, then work as a Teacher for a specified number of years (before going back for a degree).
  • During her stay in the University of Rangoon, she met many students who would later become nationally known authors and directors.
  • At an Annual Literary Talk in the San Francisco Bay Area, she autographed her book “Nga Doh Khit Ka Tekkatho” and gave it to me.
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Some Other Book Presents

  • I had written in an earlier post about the book given to me by Sayagyi U Ba Toke. The author Dr. Khin Maung Swe (Tekkatho Maung Thin Char) passed away on June 7, 2020.
  • Book on English Vocabulary and Usage by Saya Des Rodgers (English, Canada).
  • Book from Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (Australia) written by him, his colleagues and former students.
  • Books from Sayadaws, dhamma friends, sayas, relatives and friends.

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