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Saya U Khin Zaw (Chemistry)

  • His writings are interesting, entertaining, nostalgic and informative.
  • Had the “Zawana Nyan” to gain good impression from Sayama Dr. Than Than Nyein and scored a Distinction (albeit with the help of a Lab Technician).
  • Recounted some episodes related to the infamous 7th July including the “Three Minute Silence” in memory of the fallen students.
  • Listed the sayas and sayamas (complete with their degrees). Saya Dr. Tin Win (Alan) requested him to update the list.
  • Wrote about Saya U Nyunt Win’s lecture and his sleepy friends response “Nhyat nei shware htoke mei”. Most students wondered if Saya got angry. In the next lecture, the students were surprised to see Sayagyi U Aung Khin. Sayagyi asked who mentioned “Nhyat” in the previous lecture. Saya U Khin Zaw’s friend stood up (perhaps expecting Sayagyi to scold him). Instead, Sayagyi said, “Saya U Nyunt Win did not felt angry. He is here today to say farewell before going to Canada for further studies.”
  • Remembers the name of his volleyball playing partners. He said that RU was a place of harmony. Students come from different places, and they profess different religions, but they are close, friendly and free of bias.

Note : There are several sayas named U Khin Zaw.

  • U Khin Zaw (“K”) was the first Chief Librarian of Rangoon University Central Library and the Founder / Director of Myanmar Ah Than (Burma Broadcasting Service). His spouse Daw Than Hnit was a news anchor and published several radio programs.
    He wrote a book “My Life Time in Burma”. For the reprint, the title was had to be changed to “My Life Time in Myanmar”. Ko Wint Khin Zaw (A79) mailed me a copy of his father’s book.
  • Saya U Khin Zaw taught Mathematics at RU and Workers’ College. He was one of our Mathematics Teachers (along with Mr. Choudhury and Daw Khin Ma Ma) in our I.Sc.(A).
  • Dr. Khin Zaw retired as Rector of the Institute of Education.
    He competed in the Pin Weight division in Boxing.
  • Dr. Khin Zaw (Geology) moved to Australia.

Khin Maung Oo

  • Studied Geology and also wrote Kabyars (with the pen name Maung Yin Naing).
  • In 1970, he published two Kabyar collections : one on Shwe YaDu (Golden Jubilee of RU) and one with his friend Soe Myint (Soe Moe Oo),
  • 1000 copies of the second book (with a sales price of 50 pyas each) was sold out.
  • The authors made a sizable profit, but more important they received good reviews by U Ohn Pe (Tet Toe) in the Working People’s Daily (on August 13, 1970) and U Win Tin in the Hanthawaddy (on August 31, 1970).
  • Chit Oo Nyo would also reference the “Three Line Kabyar” (misquoted as “Two Line Kabyar”) in one of his Literary Talks.

There are several alumni named Khin Maung Oo / Khin Maung U.

  • Dr. Khin Maung U (SPHS63) stood First in Burma in the Matriculation of 1963. He worked for IM, BMRI/DMR. He retired from FDA. He was a Gawpaka, Translator and Interpreter for a monastery in Maryland, USA.
  • U Khin Maung Oo (Ivan Lee, M69) is a Golden Sponsor for SPZPs, the RIT 69er HCF (Health Care Fund) and the Annual RIT-UCC Gathering in New Jersey, USA.
    He is a Patron / Advisor of MASTA (Myanmar Alumni of Science and Technology Association).
  • U Khin Maung Oo (Master Mariner)
    Taught at Simalaik and Malaysia.
    Moved to USA
  • U Khin Maung Oo (M69, Rakkhine, New York, USA)
  • U Khin Maung Oo (EC66, North Carolina, USA)

Newspapers and Magazines

  • In the early days, there were many newspapers, several news agencies and reporters.
  • Nation U Law Yone, Guardian U Sein Win, UPI U Ba Than, Oway U Nyo Mya, Bama Khit & later Mogyo U Ohn Khin, Ludu U Hla and Daw Ah Mar are some of the journalists and/or publishers.
  • After 1962, there were only six newspapers : four in Burmese and two in English. They had to print news supplied by News Agency Burma (NAB), which collected news from the news agencies and selectively translated them.
  • There was a silver lining. Working People’s Daily (WPD) and Guardian had interesting columns and Supplements.
  • U Khin Maung Latt served as the first Chief Editor of WPD. His successors include U Than Saw and U Ko Lay.
  • U Ko Ko (Charles, father of U Ko Lay (RUBC Gold, Chief Editor of WPD) wrote the “Motley” column.
  • WPD had a Sunday Supplement and special issues (e.g. for Thadinkyut, Sar So Daw Nay). It featured Translation of Modern Burmese Writings (e.g. Short Stories, Poems). I received fifty Kyats for translating “Nge Thay Loe” (short story by U Thu Kha). U Thu Kha was given fifty kyats.
  • Daw Khin Swe Hla (Editor at WPD) wanted to encourage fledgling writers. She earlier founded the “Dawlay’s Circle” at Guardian and held Essay Contests for young writers. The winners included Dr. Hla Yee Yee (MEHS61), Dr. Winsome Ba Thike (MEHS61) and her sister Dr, Katherine Ba Thike, Errol Than Tun (Uzin Bobby Myo Tun, A69), LRC Trutwein and Dr. Tin Maung Aung. The subsequent “Dawlays” include Mr. Tim Marshall and Mr. P. Aung Khin (Paul). Hazel Kyaw Zaw has posted her writing in the Guardian’s Campus Section in 1972.
  • U Soe Myint transferred from WPD to Guardian as Chief Editor. He is the eldest son of U Thein Maung (Htin Lin) and the son-in-law of U Than Saw.
  • My poem “Men on the Moon” honoring the Apollo 11 astronauts was published in the Guardian in July 1969. Ashin Ananda gave a copy of my poem to Mr. Hall (USIS), who forwarded to NASA. Mr Hall also put me on the USIS mailing list. I received “Lin Yaung Chi” and translations of selected books. I became a free lance writer. I received fifteen Kyats for writing poems, articles, translation of poems in WPD, Guardian and Forward Magazine.
  • The later magazines (Pan, Veda) offered 25 – 50 Kyats.
  • A few years ago, I became a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).
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Sayagyi U Ba Toke and Dr. Khin Maung Swe

Dr. Khin Maung Swe (Tekkatho Maung Thin Char) wrote a book about his mentor Sayagyi U Ba Toke. The book was published by RU Thin Char Mi Thar Su.
Dr. Khin Maung Swe passed away on Jun
e 7, 2020.

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