Proj 1

My Writings

  • I am a Lifelong Learner.
  • I am a Literary Lover.
  • Some of my contributions are presented here.

Pen names

  • Hla Min, Maung Hla Min, U Hla Min, U Hla Min (EC69)
  • Hla Min (Systems)
    at UCC to differentiate from CO Hla Min
  • Maung Hlaing Phyo
    for translation published in WPD
    I was a novice among the distinguished translators : Tet Toe, MMT, Maung Htin, ZMT
  • တက္ကသိုလ် ဂဃနဏ
    for Set Hmu Thadinzin and Hlyat Sit Sar Saung
  • I also used my sons’ names
    for Veda magazine to write three articles monthly

Some Contributions

  • HMEE (History of Myanmar Engineering Education)
    Project leader: U Aung Hla Tun
    Member: Hla Min
    Compiled CD Supplement with U Ohn Khine
  • Guardian newspaper
    Chief Editor: U Soe Myint (GBNF)
    Author: Hla Min
  • WPD (Working People’s Daily)
    Chief Editor: U Ko Lay (GBNF)
    Editor : Daw Khin Swe Hla (GBNF)
    Author: Hla Min
  • Forward Magazine
    Chief Editor: Bohmu Ba Thaw / Maung Thaw Ka (GBNF)
    Editor: U Sein Hla
    Author: Hla Min
  • RIT English Association Newsletter
    Chief Editor: Des Rodgers
    Editor: Hla Min
  • Hlyat Sit Sar Saung
    Chief Editor: U Moe Aung
    Member: Hla Min
  • High School Mathematics
    Project leader: Dr. Chit Swe
    Editor: Hla Min
  • Team of System Specialists
    Project leader: Dr. Chit Swe
    Editor: Hla Min
  • Lecture Guides & Manuals for UCC
    Authors: U Soe Paing, Hla Min, Aung Zaw
  • CTK (Children’s Treasury of Knowledge)
    Project leader: Dr. Chit Swe
    Reviewer / Editor: Hla Min
  • ပန်မဂ္ဂဇင်း
    Author: Hla Min
  • ဇောတိသ​ဝေဒမဂ္ဂဇင်း
    Author: Hla Min
  • စက်မှုသတင်းစဉ်
    Author: Hla Min
  • RUBC 90th Anniversary Magazine
    Chair : U Tin Htoon
    Vice Chair : U Myo Myint
    Secretary: U Htaik San
    Contributing Editor: Hla Min
    Prelude for each section
    Three articles
  • Bawa & Dhamma (by U Aung Zaw)
    Reviewer: Hla Min
    Wrote Foreword
  • Cetana Thi Thar Kan (by U Aung Zaw)
    Reviewer: Hla Min
    Wrote a second on Grandfather’s Advice
  • ICST 30th Anniversary Magazine
    Author: Hla Min
  • BAPS Newsletter
    Chief Editor: Henry Lim
    Contributing Editor: Hla Min
  • RIT Alumni Newsletter
    Chief Editor: Hla Min
  • Dhammanda Newsletter
    Editor: Hla Min
  • Homage to U Silananda
    Contributing Editor: Hla Min
  • Burmese Language Course
    (Reading & Writing Comprehension)
    NFLC (National Foreign Language Center)
    University of Maryland (College Park)
    Reviewer / Language Expert: Hla Min
  • Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife
    Editors : Kathleen Nadau & Jonathan Lee
    Author of 9 articles: Hla Min
  • Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung
    Chief Editor: U Moe Aung
    Author: Hla Min
  • Swel Daw Yeik Magazine
    Chief Editor: U Moe Aung
    Author: Hla Min
  • Poetic Art Series
    Organizer: U Aung Myaing
    Translator: Hla Min
  • RU Centennial FB Group
    Admin: Dr. Nyi Thet Lwin
    Moderator: Hla Min
  • RIT Updates FB Group
    Admin: Hla Min
  • (First RIT website)
    Webmaster: U Khin Maung Zaw
    Content Provider & Editor: Hla Min
  • RIT Alumni Info (Second RIT website)
    Webmaster: U Wunna Ko Ko
    Content Provider & Editor: Hla Min
    Paid website
    Owner / Admin: Hla Min
    3000+ articles
  • 220 Videos
    30 minutes each
    Broadcaster: Hla Min


  • U Silananda’s Dhamma Talks (Book)
    Transcriber: U Osadha
    Editor: Hla Min
  • Three books by U Jotalankara
    Editor: Hla Min
  • Two books by U Aung Zaw
    Editor: Hla Min


  • At Meditation Retreats
    Beelin Sayadaw
    U Lekkhana (Wachet)

  • Articles / Short stories
    U Thu Kha
    Tekkatho Moe War
    Dhamma Beri Sayadaw
    Oakland Sayadaw

  • Speech / Talk
    Ma So Yein Sayadaw
    at Berkeley
    at University of San Francisco
  • Poems
    Tekkatho Moe War
    Okpo Maung Yin Maung
    Maung Nyunt Htay (Ah Htet Min Hla)
    Maung Sein Win (Padeegone)
    Win Myint (M72)

May be an image of text that says '"Wake Our Unity grandpa, at explain today camÄ The stars dancing flames While soft breeze whistled played. colourful bamboo dances followed without Lightning struck. Thunder clapped. torrential quickly stepped. brilliant flamel" things you've seen happen People flocked, where grass plains, There peace green clean, harmony. Blood-brothers lived Till when rains come. đone, They settled places life. Defined Who hemselves races Burma's freedom strive. Someday, sometime, races merge theycls solemn vOw orever now, Το defend this golden Mg Hlaing Phyo'

May be an image of 13 people and people standing

No photo description available.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says '"Vine" Only one plant Clinging Vine in my heart Bud- strong, new, fresh Encircling my heart Attachment you may say is like a small vine Though seasons change Proudly stands upright Maung Sein Win (Padigon) Translated by Hla Min (EC 69) ပိန်းတ 2020'

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