Hla Min

Metta (Myitta)

  • Metta may stand for Unbounded Love.
  • Metta may stand for Loving Kindness.
  • Metta Sutta is one of the eleven Suttas in “Paritta Pali” (Protective Verses).
  • Tipitaka Mingun Sayadawgyi recited the Two Methods of sending Metta. It can be found on YouTube and CDs.
  • U Thu Kha wrote a book on Metta Sutta.
  • Dr. Mehm Tin Mon wrote a book on “Metta and Sacca (Thitsar)”.
  • U Silananda’s book on Protective Verses has a section on how to practice Loving Kindness Meditation.
  • U Jotalankara’s book explains the 528 Metta.
  • A Physics teacher said, “Myitta So Dar Ah Hlyar Ah Nan Ma Shee Bay Mei Ah Thwar Ah Pyan Shee Bar Thay Dae.”
  • Metta is one of the four Bhamaso Taya.
  • A monastery in the SF Bay Area is named Mettananda Vihara.

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