Brothers’ Old Boys (BOB)

Brothers’ Old Boys

Alumni of De La Salle Schools

  • St. Patrick’s HS (Moulmein)
  • St. Paul’s HS (Rangoon)
  • St. Peter’s HS (Mandalay)
  • St. Albert’s HS (Maymyo)
  • St. Columban’s HS (Bhamo)
  • DLS School (Twante)

* B O B (in 1959)

B O B gathering in 1959

* B O B (Twante)

B O B (Twante)

* Scholarship winners (SPHS63)

Scholarship winners from SPHS63

* SPHS Logo (with motto “Hard work Conquers Everything”)

SPHS Badge

* SPHS became Yangon Heritage Site

Newspaper article

Newspaper article

YHS Plaque


* Dr. Soe Win (SPHS58, First in Burma, Rector of YUFL, son of Saya Sein)

Dr. Soe Win

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