Soul mates *

Some found their soul mates while working or studying at UCC.

  • Aung Aung & Ma Kyin Mya
    Moved to Singapore
  • Aung Myint Oo & Ma Thida Khin
    Moved to Singapore and USA
  • Boe Ba Shan & Ma Phyu Phyu Win
    Moved to Singapore
  • Htay Aung & Ma Tin Tin Hlaing
    Moved to Australia
  • Kyaw Zwa Than (Jaws) & Ma Khin Khin Kyu (K-cube)
    Moved to Singapore, Canada and USA
  • Myint Oo & Ma Tin Tin Hla
  • Myint Swe & Ma Nge Ma Ma Than (GBNF)
  • Myint Zaw & Ma Nwe Nwe Win (Judy)
  • Sein Myint (Bei Gyi) & Ma Sao Mon Sint (Cindy)
    Moved to USA
  • Sein Myint Maung & Ma Khin Aye Mu
    Moved to NZ and Australia
  • Soe Than & Ma Wai Wai Than
    Moved to USA
  • Than Maung Maung & Ma Khin Si Thoung
    Moved to USA
  • Than Tun & Ma Hla Win (GBNF)
    Moved to USA
  • Thaung Tin & Ma Tin Tin Aye
    Founders of KMD
  • Thein Oo & Ma Than Than Tint
    Founders of Ace
  • Win Hlaing & Ma Thida Kyi
  • Win Myint & Ma Nu Nu Aung

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