Saya Pike *

Saya Pike (Dr. Pike Tin)’s name literally means “remain on a [fishing] net”.

  • Grapevine says that Saya’s mother had a few miscarriages.
  • When Saya was conceived, his mother wanted to make sure that the child would be born safe and sound.
  • She performed a “Yadaya” (or ritual) requiring someone close to her hold a “net” and “catch” the baby (in her imagination).
  • He received his Ph.D from Monash University, Australia.
    The dissertation is based on Stochastic Processes (and related topics).
  • For many years, he served as Reviewer for research papers.
  • I had the opportunity to audit his course on “Linear Programming” course
    and learn his teaching style.
  • I also worked with him and others from the various Mathematics Departments
    (U Tin Hlaing, U Sein Min, U Soe Nyunt, …) on the “new” High School Mathematics Project.
  • Saya Pike succeeded Saya Thein (Dr.. Kyaw Thein) as Rector of ICST.
U Thein Oo, Saya Pike, Saya Paing, U Hla Min, Saya Thein

UCC evolved into DCS (Department of Computer Science), iCST (Institute of Computer Science and Tehcnology) and UCSY (University of Computer Studies Yangon).

The photo was taken at the 5th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe of ICST and UCSY.

Saya Thein succumbed to Covid.

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