Oak / Oke (Name) *

  • Oak
    Tree; “Tie a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree” is from an old song
  • Oakland
    California, USA
  • Thousand Oaks
    California, US A
  • Oak Soe Kha (Dr., MEHS70,IM1)
    High School Luyechun; Swimming and Water Polo for IM1; Honorary Paulian;
    Parents : Dr. Maung Maung Kha and Daw Ruby Kha
  • Oke means “govern”, “manage”, “rule” or “cover”.
  • Ba Oke (EE69er)
    Owns and operates his business
  • Myo Oke
    Official in charge of a town or a city
  • Nay Oke Tint (SPHS)
    Alias : Nay Oke (St. Paul)
    Film reviewer, Successful Tuition saya
    Parents : ICS U Ba Tint, Daw Khin Saw Mu
    Sister : Daw Khin Saw Tint
  • Say Yone Oke
    Medical Superintendent
  • Taing Oke (Dr., ChE69)
    Pen name : Yin Maung
    Taught at RIT and Japan;
    Won National Literary Award and the Sarpay Beikman Sar Mu; Playwright (Zat Saya)
  • Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (Dr., SPHS60, IM1)
    Missed the top 5 spots in the Matriculation examination by 1 – 5 marks
    His biography and articles about himself, his mentors and his mentees can be read from the book published for his 70th birthday
  • Yone Oke
    Office Superintendent
  • [Per Dr. TOKM] : Some people wanted to name after the ruler of the Sun, the Moon and the Universe. In Medical school, a student changed his name to “Nay Min Oke”. I was told that his two younger brothers also changed their names as “La Min Oke” and “Setkya Walla Oke”.

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