Z (Name) *

  • Zau Lai
  • Zaw Aung (GBNF)
  • Zaw Aung (EC84)
  • Zawgyi
  • Zaw Han
  • Zaw Hein
  • Zaw Khin (Actor)
  • Zaw Lin (Actor)
  • Zaw Lin (RUBC)
  • Zaw Lwin
  • Zaw Min
  • Zaw Min Nawaday
    Youngest son of Lt. Col. Min Han (medical doctor and Maw Gun Win). Has two older brothers (who studied Geology in the USA and Germany) and three older sisters (who are medical doctors).
    Matriculated from St. Albert’s High School in 1964.
    Entered 1st BE as Roll Number One (“top of the incoming class”).
    Selected Lu Ye Chun for the Inlay Luyechun Camp in 1965. For his criticism against some “Lu Nge Yay Yar” organizers, the higher authorities held a grudge.
    Main author of the article “RIT Days” covering the six years at RIT. U Ohn Khine was the co-author.
    In the USA, he studied Electronics.
    To avoid name conflicts, he changed his name to Zaw Min Nawaday.Some call him Zaw Nawaday.
    Worked in the East Coast.
    Just before SPZP-2000, he moved to Hayward, California. Hosted Sayagyi U Ba Toke, U Ye Myint (EP72) and spouse.
    Spouse : Chicky Taw (Daw Khin Htay Taw) is the sister of Dicky (Dr. Nyan Taw (Dicky).
    After retirement, he moved to Nevada.
  • Zaw Min Yu
  • Zaw Myint
  • Zaw Myint Thein
  • Zaw Nyunt
  • Zaw One (Actor)
  • Zaw Oo (Nephew)
  • Zaw Oo (UCC,Canada)
  • Zaw Paing
  • Zaw Wai Soe
  • Zaw Win (C, Australia)
  • Zaw Win (HIC, GBNF)
  • Zaw Winn (Min70)
  • Zaw Zaw (Max)
  • Zaw Zaw Shane
  • Zeya (Actor)
  • Zeya (Chemisry, Canada)
  • Zeyar
  • Zeyar Linn (RUBC)
  • Zeyar Maung (Director)
  • Zin Aung (Physics)
  • Zin Maung (CSO, GBNF)
  • Zin May Tun (Opthamologist)
  • Zin Min
  • Zin Thi Yu
  • Zin Yaw
  • Zin Yaw Gyi

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