Yin (Name) *

  • Yin May (Dr. Daw, Spouse : Colonel Min Sein)
  • Yin Yin Kyi (Daw, T61, One of the pioneer female engineering graduates.)
  • Yin Yin Nwe
  • Yin Kyu (U M69, GBNF)
  • Daw Yin Kywe (Attended UCC and found her soul mate U Soe Myint (M72, GBNF))
  • Maung Yin Maung (Character in the first Burmese novel by James Hla Kyaw)
  • Yin Maung (Okpo Maung, Saya U Aung Myaing (ChE72))
    He and fellow RIT poets (including Saya U Moe Aung and Saya U Nyunt Htay) published a book (collection of poems about “Swel Daw”).
  • Yin Maung (U, Winner of Senior Novices at RUBC with U Than Soe (M63, RUBC Gold), U Chit Swe, Dr. Byron Law and U Hla Moe (Cox, GBNF))
    Represented Faculty of Engineering in the Inter-Faculty events.
  • Yin Maung (Saya Dr. Taing Oke (ChE69), Zat Saya for RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thin, National Literature Award Winner)
  • Yin Nu (Daw, Rosalind Cho, Spouse : U Ohn Kyaw / Kok Wee Cho)
  • Yin Nu (Nu Yin)
  • Yin Sein (Caesar Yang, SPHS, AGYI, EC, BBS)
  • Yin Shwe (Daw, Spouse : U Myint Swe / Tin Shwe)
  • Yin Yin Aung (Daw, BDS, Spouse : Dr. Sein Aung Lynn, Lynn Dental)
  • Yin Yin Mya (Daw, Terry, Head of the English Department in the mid 1960s)
  • Yin Yin Nwe (Dr., Geology, Parents : Sao Sai Mong and Daw Mi Mi Khaing
  • Aung Yin (Movies)
  • Kin Maung Yin (A60, Director, Artist, GBNF)
  • Kyaw Yin (Mee Bone Byan U, Aerial acrobat, who performed on hot air balloons)
    Son : Kyaw San (Ka Sa) is a cartoonist.
  • Kyaw Yin (U, Burmese Saya at Rangoon University, Victim of “false identification”)
    [Per Dr. Nyunt Wai] : U Kyaw Yin wrote magazine articles under the pen name “Ka-hti-ka” U Kyaw Yin.
  • San Yin (Daw, Spouse of Dr. Mg Mg Htay)
  • San Yin Myint (Daw, Samantha Myint) is from the second batch of B.Sc. (CS) from ICST.
    Attended SPZP-2000 with her aunt Dr. Betty Chu and cousin Maurice Chee (M75).
    She invited me to attend the 5th Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe of ICST/UCSY.
  • Sein Yin (Daw)
  • Than Maung Yin (Pilot, UBA/BAC)

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