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Some input provided by U Aung Kyaw Myint (Eddie Shein) and Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

  • Yan Aung (Academy winning actor)
  • Yan Aung (Teacher and Say Saya (Indigenous medicine))
  • Yan Aung (Writer)
  • Yan Gyi Aung
  • Yan Naing (Bo, Thirty Comrades)
    Spouse : Daw Tinsa Maw Naing (English)
  • Yan Naing Lwin (Dr., Professor Emeritus at Western Illinois University).
    Father : U Ba Lwin (Myoma)
  • Yan Shin (Hardy Sein, Old Croc
    Siblings : Lucy, Rosie, Henry, Gerald
  • Ye Aung (Actor)
  • Ye Chit
  • Ye Chit Pe (Retired BG, MEHS64, M70)
    Descended from Thu Kaung Myoo, a title given by Myanmar Kings.
  • Ye Gaung (Minister)
  • Ye Gaung (EE80, May Recording Studio)
    Spouse : Daw Phyu Phyu
  • Ye Htoon
  • Ye Htun
  • Ye Htut
  • Ye Htut Aung (First batch of ICST)
  • Ye Khaung (Student Political Party at the University of Rangoon)
  • Ye Lwin (GBNF, AGTI, BE)
    Bass Guitarist and Leader of E-Machine & Myizzima Hlaing.
  • Ye Myint (Dr., UK)
    Parents : U Tin U, Dr. Khin Kyi Nyunt
    Siblings : Dr. Khin Tun (GBNF), Daw Aye Aye Khin
    Spouse : Daw San San Aye
    Daughter : Aye Sandar
  • Ye Myint (Dr., Burma’s second cardiac surgeon)
    (first was the late Dr. Khin Maung Thaw).
  • Ye Myint (Professor, Renowned laparoscopic surgeon)
  • U Ye Myint (ChE70, Taught at RIT before moving to Singapore)
    Donated cash and books to RIT and ChE.
  • Ye Myint (EE72)
    Father : U Ba Toke
    Accompanied Sayagyi to SPZP-2000 held in the USA
  • Ye Myint (B.Com)
    Son : Zayanda
    Classmate : Uzin Chan Min.
  • Ye Myint Kyaw (Prof. , Pen name Linga Ye Kyaw, Paediatrician)
    Author of over 20 books, script write for the three books made into movies. Regular contributor of both medical and non medical topics.
  • Ye Sint (Taught Physics before moving to the USA, Past VP of TBSA)
    Editor of Dhammananda Newsletter
    Editor for “Paying Homage to Sayadaw U Silananda”
    Spouse : Daw Nu Nu Yee
  • Ye Swe (Boxer)
  • Ye Tint (Boxer)
  • Ye Wint
    Father : U Zaw Myint (Min Naing)
  • Ye Yint (formerly Regent Cinema)
  • Yee Yee (Daw)
  • Yee Yee Myint (Daw)
  • Yi Thwe (Dr., SPHS65)
    Father : Saw Ba Hein
    Spouse : Daw Kyi Kyi Hla (BDS)
  • Yi Yi (Daw, PBRS)
  • Yi Yi (Dr. Daw, Botany)
  • Yi Yi Aung (Daw, EC67)
    Spouse : U Win Kyaing (M67)
  • Yi Yi Khaing (Daw, Vilma, ChE69)
    Spouse : U Tint Swe (ChE66)
  • Yi Yi Chit Maung (Dr. Daw)
    Siblings : U Sein Tin, U Mya Maung (GBNF), U Tin Htut, Daw Kyi Kyi Chit Maung (GBNF), Daw Si Si Chit Maung, Dr. Than Toe, Daw Khin Khin Chit Maung
  • Yin Kyi (Daw, T61, Pioneer female engineering graduate)
    Sayama Daw Tin Tin Ohn (T61, GBNF), Sayama Daw Julie Han (T61, GBNF), Daw Mi Mi Lay (T61) and Pauline Reynolds (CE61) wrap up the elite group.
  • Yin Kywe (Daw)
    Attended UCC and found her soul mate U Soe Myint (M72, GBNF).
  • Yin Maung ( Won the Senior Novices at RUBC with U Than Soe (M63, RUBC Gold), U Chit Swe, Dr. Byron Law Yone and U Hla Moe (Cox, GBNF))
    Represented the Faculty of Engineering in the Inter-Faculty events.
  • Yin Maung (Maung, Fictional character in the first Burmese novel by James Hla Kyaw.
  • Yin Maung (Pen name of Saya Dr. Taing Oke (ChE69), Taught at RIT and Japan)
    Zat Saya for RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thin
  • Yin Maung (Okpo Maung, Pen name of Saya U Aung Myaing (ChE72))
    He and fellow RIT poets (Saya U Moe Aung, Saya U Nyunt Htay, U Win Myint and U Toee Maung) published a collection of poems about “Swel Daw”.
  • Yin May (Dr. Daw)
    Spouse : Colonel Min Sein
  • Yin Nu (Daw)
    Spouse : U Ohn Kyaw
  • Yin Nu (Nu Yin, Author)
  • Yin Sein (Caesar Yang, SPHS, AGTI, BE, BBS)
    First batch of GTI-RIT Bridge Program
  • Yin Yin Aung (Dr,, Lynn Dental)
    Spouse : Dr. Sein Aung Lynn (Dental)
  • Yin Yin Mya (Daw, Terry, Head of the RIT English Department during our days)
    Moved to Australia
  • Yin Yin Nwe (Dr. Daw, Geology)
    Parents : Sao Sai Mong, Daw Mi Mi Khaing
  • Daw Yin Yin Waing
  • Yone Sein
    Son : Sonny, Johnny
  • Yone Mo (Rector of RIT)
    Spouse : Elizabeth Yone Mo (High ranking nurse at RGH)
    Son : Phillip (M72, GBNF)
  • Yone Way (Tuition Saya)
  • Yu Khin (Served as Registrar and Dean of the University of Rangoon)
    Founded the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL)
    Former Burma Doubles Champion in Badminton
    Spouse : Dr. Daw Phay
    Children : Dr. Marie Yu Khin, Dr. Richard Yu Khin (Economist)
  • Yu Khin (CSO, Programmer for the Population Census Data Processing done at UCC)
    Attended UCC courses.
  • Yu Khin Myint
  • Yu Htay (Chemistry Saya at the University of Rangoon)
    Studied in the UKTaught
  • Yu Beng (Tan, Benny Tan, MEHS64, M70, Entrepreneur, Organizer)
    Founding member of RIT Alumni International
    Co-chair of SPZP-2000, Multiple Golden Sponsor, Past President of BAPS
  • Yu Sein (Tan, Selwyn Tan, MEHS61, Accomplished vocalist)
    Spouse : Neula
    Brother : Benny
  • Yu Yu Lwin (Daw, Retired from Motion Pictures Corporation)
  • Yuzana (Flower)
  • Yuzana (Burmese name of Carlton Cinema, Owned by U Chit Maung and family)
  • Yuzana Bo Ni (Daw, UCC)

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