Wunna (Name) *

Wunna means “good looking” (handsome, pretty, …). It is one of the good karmic results along with Aryu (Longevity), Sukha (Happiness, pleasure, joy, bliss) and Bala (Strength) for doing meritorious deeds.

Sao Wunna was a Minister in an AFPFL Government.

Sree Wunna Mangrai (UCC) is a niece of Saya Sao Kan Gyi (RIT English, GBNF).

U Wunna Sithu (SPHS65, EC71) rowed for Ye Kyaung Lu Nge during his high school days. He rowed for RIT and RUBC during his RIT days. He also swam and played water polo for RIT. He worked for DCA before going abroad. I saw him last at the first East Coast Reunion several years back.

U Wunna Ko Ko (EC96) is the grand son of Saya U Net, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Mandalay. He did further studies in Japan and the USA. He created and maintained the second RIT web site.

Wunna is the son of U Nyein Min (C79), who named his company as “Wunna Construction”.

Maung Wunna is an award winning Director.

Wunna Saw

Wunna Maung Lwin

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