Than Win (Name) *

Than Win (M69) with SPHS63 classmates
  • Than Win (SPHS63, M69) is a regular attendee at 69er Gatherings.
    Photo taken at Birthday Soon Kyway by Kyaw Win (SPHS63) to U Ukkamsa (Aung Chaw, Victor, SPHS63, C69)
  • Than Win (Henry, SPHS)
    Lost contact with him.
  • Than Win (SPED) was Captain of the Rangoon University Football Even.
    Studied Physical Education in the USA.
    Joined the Department of Sports and Physical Education.
  • Than Win (Alan Khoo, SPHS, GBNF) is the eldest child of C C Khoo
    Brothers : U Kyi Win (Eddie, GBNF), U Aung Win (Owen, M71) and Beepo (GBNF)
  • Than Win (PBRS, T70) wrote the script for the “Thamangyar” movie.
    Spouse : Zelma Yu (Daughter of Director U Tin Yu)

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