Qualifiers (Name) *

(1) To differentiate people with the same name, qualifiers are used.

(2) Those in the government service often find a serial number as the suffix. e.g. U Maung Maung (6)

(3) One singer called himself “Twante Thein Tan”. Another had a bigger name “Myanmar Pyay Thein Tan.”

(4) U Zaw Min (EP70) decided to have a career change and a name change after he arrived in the USA. He is now known as Zaw Min Nawaday or Zaw Nawaday.

(5) Some did not know why Saya U Thein Aung (Met72) was called “Myodaw Thein Aung”. They were not aware of the Zat Mintha.

(6) One wonders if having long names would resolve the name conflict. e.g. Cartoon character named Khin Maung Thet Cho Oo.

(7) What happens if a name is too long to spell or pronounce?

  • My boss was named Surapol Dasananda, but most called him “Dr. Das”.
  • My colleague was named Suttipong Kanakakorn, but most called him “Nick”.

(8) What happens if one has several qualifiers? e.g. Thabeik Aing Sayadaw & Sitagu Sayadaw

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