P (Name) *

  • Daw Pa Pa
  • Daw Pa Pa Wadi
  • Daw Pa Pa Win (HI)
  • U Pain
  • ICS U Paing
    Sons : Dr. Myo Paing, U Soe Paing, U Win Paing (Sayadaw U Wara), U Kyaw Paing
    Spouse : Daw Oo Yin
  • U Paing Min (USA)
  • Dr. Paing Soe (SPHS65, Deputy Minister)
    Also known as Freddie San Shwe
    Admitted as Roll No. 2 to MC(1) in 1965
    Same marks as Dr. Yi Thway who was admitted as Roll No. (1)
    Father : U San Shwe
  • U Pan Oo (UCC)
  • U Pan Sein
  • U Pan Sit
  • U Pandita
    Panditarama monastery
  • U Par (Yokeshin)
  • U Par Oo (Boatman, RUBC)
  • Patrick Aung (Dr. Tin Aung)
  • Patrick Ni (SPHS)
  • Patrick Saw
  • Patrick Thein Naing
  • Patrick Wong
  • Patricia King
  • Patricia Lim (Hla Hla)
  • U Pe Aung
  • [Per KMZ] : U Pe Aung Lin (EE76)
  • U Pe Han Tun (M69)
    Khamee Khamet : U Tin Shein (Phonegyi)
  • Pe Kan Kaung (Fictitious character)
  • U Pe Khin (Ambassador)
    Negotiator for Pin Lon Agreement
  • U Pe Khin (Burma Selected in Football)
  • [Per KMZ] : U Pe Maung Khin (EE76)
  • U Pe Maung Tin (Sayagyi)
    First Burmese Principal of Rangoon College
    Professor of Oriental Studies (including Pali)
    Proposed to the Rangoon University to have a separate Burmese department
    Sister : T T Luce
    Daughter : Brenda
    Students : Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin), Zawgyi (U Thein Han), Minthuwun (U Wun)
  • Dr. Pe Nyun (Pediatric Surgeon, Canada)
    Also known as Dck San Pe
    Captain and Gold of RUBC
    Led the RCH team including Dr. Harry Saing to operate the first set of Burmese conjoined twins (Ma Nan Soe and Ma Nan San)
    Brother : Dr. Pe Thein
  • [Per KMZ] : U Pe Than Hlaing (EE76)
  • Dr. Pe Than Maung
  • Dr. Pe Than Tin
  • Dr. Pe Thein (Minister for Health and Education)
    Also known as Tom San Pe
    RUBC Gold
    Brother : Dr. Pe Nyun
  • U Pe Thein Cartoonist)
  • U Pe Thein (Navy)
    Rowed for Defense Service Team with Sein Kyaing, Hla Khin, Soe Wai. Instructor in Martial Arts
    Succeeded by Tin Soe in the Defense Service team.
  • Dr. Pe Thet Khin
    Six -time Lu Ye Chun
    Minister of Health
    Close friend : Dr. Khin Tun (Peter)
  • U Pe Tin (SPHS Saya)
    Burmese teacher in Standard V(D)
    Class Teacher in Standard VI(D) at SPHS
  • Pein Pein (Stage name)
  • Penny Po Saw
  • Percy Loonee
  • Percy Maung Maung
  • Percy Mya Maung
  • Perry Dwe
  • Peter Ba San (Dr. Naing Tint San)
  • Peter Gale (Ngwe Zoe, GBNF)
  • Peter Myint Maung (Soe Thein)
  • Peter Paing (U Soe Paing)
  • Peter Pe (SPHS)
    Also known as Aung Kyaw
    Movie actor
    Hosted Dr. Maung Maung Aye (GBNF) and me to visit Inlay and Taunggyi.
  • Peter Pe (1st BE Intake of 64)
    Younger brother of Saya U Nita Pe.
    Among the top Matriculates who were admitted to the first ever 1st BE in November 1964.
    Roll Number 4 (in order of merit).
    Key member of the RIT Swimming and Water Polo team.
    Team mates : Ko Htay Aung (M69, Burma Selected), Ko Sein Myint (EP69), Ko Moe Hein (ChE69) and Ko Win Aung (M70).
    Early casualty for the Class of 70.
    Ko Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) wrote :
    It was truly a sad story. We shared the same bench according to the seating plan during the second part of the our 1st year since he was No 4 in our 1st yr class. We also shared being part of the same platoon in our 2nd year UTC.
    That fateful day, he was telling everyone he was saving money to make horseback rides at 25 pyas per ride. He was very happy he managed to save 75 pyas and told us he was looking forward to his ride. Unfortunately, he fell down backwards from his horse. He landed on his butt but the momentum of falling made his head hit the ground as he fell backwards. His head hit a little stone and his parents send him to a say gan. Around 8 pm, he complained of a headache and subsequently died. If he were in the US, they may have done a cat scan of the head immediately and his life would have been saved. RIP to an old friend.
  • Peter Tin (Mya Aung, PPBRS)
  • Peter Tin U (Dr. Khin Tun, UK, GBNF)
  • Peter Turnbull (RUBC)
  • Peter Wun (U Htin Kyaw, Past President)
    Father : U Wun (Minthuwun)
  • Dr. Daw Phay (Professor)
    Spouse : U Yu Khin
  • Pho Htaung
    Parents : Tommy San and Lily
  • Pho Maung
    Parents : Tommy San and Lily
  • Dr. Phone Win
  • Phone Gyi (Nickname)
    Tin Tun (M69), Tin Shein (M69), Soe Myint (M72)
  • Pinlon Agreement
  • Daw Po (Burmese Professor)
  • Dr. Daw Po Po
  • U Po Thawda
  • U Po Wet
  • U Pu (Politician)
  • U Pu (Mechanical)
  • U Pyawt (Myint Than)
  • U Pyinna Thami
  • U Pyinnya Thi Ha
  • Daw Pyone
  • U Pyone
  • U Pyone Cho
  • U Pyone Maung Maung

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