Myint Thein (Name) *

There are several named Myint Thein.

Class of 69

David 1
David 2
David 3
David 4
  • U Myint Thein (David, M69)
    Matriculated from St. Columban’s High School, Bhamo.
    His crew at RUBC comprised of Win Naing (Dicky, Cox, GBNF), Sein Tun, Frederick Thetgyi and Mehm Aye Chan (Ohn Maung).
    Celebrated 43rd Wedding Anniversary

David Myint Thein wrote : Great memories. Thank you so much for posting. Actually, crews have to follow the instructions of their cox, but, as we were same batch and close friends, we ignored Dicky’s voice and shouted back at him, especially Sein Tun. Ha, ha, but we were so happy to go to the Rangoon University Boat Club and rowing with our great cox, Dicky.

Soe Aung wrote : ကိုျမင္​့သိန္​းနဲ႔ယႏၵယား​ေတာင္​မွာအတူလက္​တြဲပီးတခဏလုပ္​ခဲ့ပီး၊ ​ေနာက္​​ေတာ့MOCမွာျပန္​ဆံုတာသတိရမွတ္​မိပါ​ေၾကာင္​း… ၁၉၇၁-၇၂ ဝန္​းက်င္​​ေလာက္​ျဖစ္​ပါသည္​။

  • U Myint Thein (Maung Kabar, M69, GBNF)
    Organizer for 69er activities
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 69ers-2003.jpg
Kabar (Front : Second from Left)


  • U Myint Thein (Chief Justice of the Union of Burma, GBNF)
    Served as Ambassador to China
    Author / Translator : MMT
    Siblings : ICS U Tin Tut, U Kyaw Myint, Dr. Htin Aung, Daw Khin Mya Mu, Daw Khin Saw Mu, Daw Tin Saw Mu
    Spouse : Daw Phwa Hmee (first Burmese Female Barrister at Law)
  • U Myint Thein (Dio, Forestry, GBNF)
    Siblings : Saya Dr. Tin Win (M62), Sayama Rosie (Chemistry), Pansy …
  • U Myint Thein (SPHS62, B.Com, RUBC)
    Siblings : U Win Htein (E), U Myo Myint (EC67, RUBC Gold), Dr. Ba Han, Daw Myint Myint Thein …
  • Dr. Myint Thein (M73)
    Received Doctorate from Georgia Tech.
    Wrote articles for RIT Alumni International Newsletter (initially as Ba Thein Atlanta and later with his own name).
  • U Myint Thein (Michael, M74, Singapore)
    Old Paulian
    Wrote an article for RIT Alumni International Newsletter
    Provided GBNF list for the Class of 74
  • U Myint Thein (Soon Hoe, 74)
    Operated a Recording Studio in Burma before moving to the USA
    Donated equipment and services to selected monasteries and associations
  • Dr. Myint Thein (Chemistry)
    First Burmese Scholar to study Nuclear Chemistry in the USA
  • Dr. Myint Thein (Maths Curriculum)
    High School Luyechun
    Post graduate studies in Australia and USA
  • Dr. Myint Thein (Physics)
    Post graduate studies in UK
  • U Myint Thein (Geology 74, Author)
    Pen name : Maung Kyay Yay
  • Dauk Char Myint Thein (M86, Par Shoke, Lifter)
  • U Myint Thein (Chemistry, Boxing, Rowing)
  • U Myint Thein (Physics, Bando)
  • U Myint Thein (Trade, UCC User)
  • U Myint Thein (EPC, UCC User)
  • U Myint Thein (San Shwe Myint Cartoon)
    Cock brother of U La Min (EP70)

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