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Dr. Aung Gyi
  • BS and MS in Civil Engineering from MIT
  • Ph.D from University of Alberta, Canada
  • Served as Professor Civil Engineering and Rector of RIT.
  • Worked on UN assignment before migrating to Canada.
  • Contributed several articles to RIT Alumni International Newsletter and Updates
  • Wrote Introduction for HMEE Project
  • See related posts
  • Simon Khoo
  • ChE62
  • Spouse : Daw Yin Kyi (T61)
  • We met in Australia and in the USA.
  • Mathematics, MASU
  • Staff Saya for the Inlay Khaung Daing Luyechun Camp in the Summer of 1965.
  • Commander, Burma Navy
  • Patron of Defense Services Sailing (Yachting).
  • Son : Htoo Aung Gyi (SEAP)
  • Negotiator for Caretaker Government
  • Member of Revolutionary Council
  • Had his ups and downs in the military and politics.
  • Weightlifting Champion for Flyweight Division
  • Set a weightlifting record in the 1972 Munich Olympics.
  • Academy U Kyauk Lone
  • Former Jail Officer
  • Son : Sway Tin (Kyauk Pyar)
  • Secretary, RIT Track and Field
  • Also excelled in Soccer and Weightlifting
  • Electrical Engineer
  • GBNF

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