Ba (Name) *

  • Ba, U ( Educator)
  • Ba Aye
    Retired Dy IG of Police.
    He and his friends owned Central Sports (that sold sports goods).
    Provided a Tennis Court for his children.
    Daughters : Sayama Daw Khin Swe Aye, Khin Maung Aye
    Sons : Khin Maung Aye (Burma) and Tin Maung Aye played Tennis Selected at the University
  • Ba Aye
    High ranking Police Officer
    Spouse : Peggy taught at the Faculty of Social Science.
  • Ba Cho, Deedok
    Minister / Arzani
  • Ba Din
    Musician, GBNF
  • Ba Gyan, Pagan
    Minister : survived the shooting on July 19, 1947
    Brother : U Ba Shan
  • Ba Gyan
    Cartoons were exhibited around Tazaungdaing in his honor.
  • Ba Gyaw
  • Dr Ba Han
    Law Professor
    Compiled a Dictionary
    Brother : Dr Ba Maw
  • Dr. Ba Han
    IM1, 1973
    Psychiatrist, Texas
  • Ba Hein
    Bogyi (later Bohmu)
    Principal, No. 6 Botathaung SHS
  • Ba Hein, Saw
    Flag bearer in 1936 Strike
    Children : Daisy, Edwin (Yi Thway)
  • Ba Hla Oung
    Son : Aung Khin (7th July victim)
  • Ba Htan (Popa)
  • Ba Hpyu (Australia)
    Brother : Ba Tu
    Sons : Sein Lwin / Raymond, Than Naing / Herman
  • Ba Khaing, Mahn
    Minister, Arzani
  • Ba Khet, Yebaw
    Wrote “Last days of Thakin Than Tun”
  • Ba Khin
    First in Burma
    First native Auditor General
    Vipassana Teacher
  • Ba Kyaw
    Lu Shwin Daw
    Stage name of U Aung Kyaw Myint
  • Ba Latt
  • Ba Lwin
    Head Master of the Myoma National School.
    Headed the Boy Scouts in Burma.
    Burmese Ambassador to Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
    Children : U Kyaw Nyein, U Kyaw Thein Lwin, Dr. Yan Naing Lwin, Daw Su Su, U Than Lwin, …
  • Ba Lwin, Dr. (EE59)
    Most senior EE Saya remaining from our days at RIT (along with Saya U Myo Kyi).
  • Ba Maung
    Children : Joe (Tennis), Patrick
  • Ba Maung
    Son : Phillip (SPHS63, GBNF)
  • Ba Maung
    Sports Officer, RU
  • Ba Maw, Dr.
    Lecturer in English, Rangoon University
    Leader of a political party
    Brother : Dr. Ba Han
  • Ba Maw, Dr.
    Medical doctor in UK
  • Ba Min
    Mathematics, Astronomy
  • Ba Myaing
    Registrar, SPHS
  • Ba Myint
    EE Saya
    Retired as Pro-Rector, YTU
  • Ba Myint
    Educational Attache
  • Ba Nyein
    Adviser, BSPP
  • Ba Nyein, Kyar
  • Ba Nyunt
    known as “Chit Dhukkha” U Ba Nyunt
    History Professor
    Accomplished vocalist
    Children : Tin Tin Oo, Win Nyunt, Win Oo, Aung Moe, Kyi Shwin
  • Ba Nyunt
    known as “Phaw Kaung” Ba Nyunt
    Government Witness in the trial of Galon U Saw
  • Ba Nyunt
    RIT EE Saya
    Transferred to MOC
  • Ba Oo
    Sons : Tin Aung Moe / Eddie, Tekkatho Aye Maung / Reggie (GBNF)
  • Ba Oo
    Member of Tiger Scrabble Team
  • Ba Pe, Bagyi
  • Ba Pe, Reggie (Sr. and Jr.)
  • Ba Pu, Dr.
    Brother in law : Dr. Pe Nyun, Dr. Pe Thein
  • Ba Pu
    Burma soccer selected
  • Ba Saing, Mahn
  • Ba San
    Children : Dr. Myo San / Freddie, Ivy …
  • Ba San
    Son : Dr. Naing Tin San / Peter
  • Ba San
    Daughter : Polly (Swimming)
  • Ba Saw
  • Ba Sein, Thakin
    Mentor of U Ne Win
  • Ba Shan
    Mathematics Curriculum
  • Ba Shin, Bohmugyi
    Historical Commission
  • Ba Shwe
  • Ba Soe
    Brother : Hla Soe
  • Ba Swe, Yngon
    Sharp shooter : credited for shooting at Galon U Saw
  • Ba Swe
    Known as Kyargyi Ba Swe, Dawei)
    Served as Defense Minister and briefly as Prime Minister
    Led the Swe-Nyein faction of AFPFL (aka Ti Mye or Stable AFPFL) with U Kyaw Nyein
  • Ba Than
    Scholarship winner in 1947
    Gold medalist in Intermediate examinations (Combined)
    BS and MS from Imperial College, University of London
    Retired as Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering
    Donated back all the Garawa money that he received from the SPZPs and mini-PZPs. Offers soon kway on or around his birthday (October 2nd) and invites his former colleagues and students.
    Winner Inn is run by Sayagyi’s son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.
  • Ba Than
    Founding member of the Kone The Gyi Myar Ah Thin
    Son : U Chit Po Po (M69, GBNF)
  • Ba Than
    Son : Cyril (Than Hla, EE69er)
  • Ba Than, Saung
    Icon in Burmese music
  • Ba Than, Dr.
    Chief Surgeon, RGH
    MS, Japan Khit Say Yone
    Rector, IM(1)
    Outstanding soccer player
    Founder of “Zwe Ah Nyeint”
  • Ba Than, Dhammika
    Retired army officer
    Writer, Translator
  • Ba Than Aye
    Myo Myint Lay, RIT, UCC, Army, GBNF
  • Ba Than Chain
    Admin Dept., UCC
  • Ba Than Haq
    Professor, Geology
    Retired as Pro-Rector, RASU
  • Ba Thaung, Thakin
    Author, Translator
    Founding member of “Dobama Asiayone”
    Credited for the slogan, “Thakin Myo Hei Dobama”
  • Ba Thaung
    Pen name : Maung Thuta
    Bogyi (later Bohmu)
    Compiled the works of Burmese Sarsodaws for his Master’s thesis.
    Head of Burmese Department at DSA.
    Member of the Burmese Language Commission.
  • Ba Thaung
    Member of the “Burma Trade”
    Son : Thaung Win
  • Ba Thaung
    Son : Maung Maung Win (George, GBNF)
  • Ba Thaw
    Entrepreneur, Factory owner
  • Ba Thaw
    Retired Naval Officer
    Chief Editor, Forward Magazine
  • Ba Thein
    Children : Peter / Super Star, Than Than Nwe
  • Ba Thein
    Son : Zaw Mon / Glen
  • Ba Thein
    Body building Champion from Mandalay
    Son : Thein Htut (UCC)
  • Ba Thein Tin
    BCP, Dawei
    Brother : Col. Pe Thet
  • Ba Thwin
    National Planning
  • Ba Tin
    Daughters : Wendy, Cynthia / San San Tin
  • Ba Tint, ICS
    Spouse : Khin Saw Mu …
    Children : Khin Saw Tint (GBNF), Nay Oke Tint …
  • Ba Tu
    Daughter : Pale / Pearl
  • Ba Tun
    Early Captain of RUBC
  • Ba Tun
  • Ba U, Dr.
    President, Union of Burma)
    Succeeded Sao Shwe Thike
    Former Chief Justice
    Wrote “My Burma”
  • Ba U
    Member, Tiger Scrabble team
  • Ba Yin
  • Ba Yin Aung, Dr.
  • Ba Yin Gale
    Jockey, artist
    Many jockeys had to retire when the then No. 1 banned horse racing for the public.
  • Ba Zan
    Part of Movie Title

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