Tin Win *

U Tin Win (M59)

  • Taught at Mechanical Engineering
  • Left to take care of family business (in Pegu and elsewhere)

U Tin Win (M62)

  • Played Volleyball for Burma Institute of Technology
    with U Aye (M62) and U Shwe Kyaw (M63, GBNF )
BIT Volleyball Selected

Dr. Tin Win (M62)

  • Worked in industry for about a year before joining Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Received Doctorate from Melbourne University
  • Moved to USA
  • Past President, BASES
  • Organizer, 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles
  • Spouse : Daw Khin Htar Yi (Lily, T72)
  • Sisters : Sayama Rosie, Penny
Dr. Tin Win and Daw Lily Win

U Tin Win (Min69)

  • Honorary Consul General of Switzerland
  • Sponsor of some 69er Gatherings

U Tin Win (T70)

  • Silvery Pearl Dairy
  • Food donor to Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65

U Tin Win (EC71)

  • Taught at Electrical Engineering Department
  • Worked for UCC, MOC, FRI


  • Saya U Tin Htut requested Daw Lwin Mar Oo to invite her uncle U Tin Win (Pegu) to Winner Inn.
    U Tin Win later took us to his house and hosted lunch at his son’s restaurant.
  • Dr. Tin Win ran the LA Marathon as a fundraiser for SPZP-2007.
  • Lily served as Secretary for BEA.

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