Life Long Learner *

Daily routine

  • I learn new things every day.
  • I listen to Blinkist daily.
    It takes about 15 – 25 minutes.
    You can choose Audio and/or Text.
    The Free version allows one Blink daily.
  • I listen to “Word of the Day” from Merriam Webster every week or as time permits.
    A daily episode takes 2 – 3 minutes.
    It provides etymology, meaning and usage of a word. It may also list synonyms and relatives.
  • I write two or more articles for RIT Updates.
  • I revise five or more old posts before archiving to my website hlamin.com


  • I have a reasonably good Associative Memory.
  • I know thousands of names and words.
  • I do not use notes to write my articles, poems and translations.
  • My readers usually point out typos, errors and inconsistencies and
  • often provide information and suggestions for improvement.


  • I am a “Jack of all Trades and Master of some”.
  • My colleagues and friends jokingly call me
    “Walking Dictionary”,
    “Spelling Checker”,
    “Mini-Encyclopedia” and
    “Pre-Google Search”.


  • One teacher told me, “You cannot make money by studying History”.
  • There are other Social and Intellectual Currencies.
  • I learned interesting stories from
    a former student leader,
    indigenous medicine practitioner (who lost his wife to his Political Boss),
    elders who experienced WWII,
    barbers and
    cab drivers.
  • I volunteered as Docent for Computer History Museum (CHM)
    at Shoreline, Mountain View, California.
  • I served as a member of “History of Myanmar Engineering Education”.
    Ko Ohn Khine and I compiled the CD Supplement for HMEE book.
  • I was a Moderator for Rangoon University Centennial FB Group.
  • I was a Speaker for “U Thant Centennial” in SF Bay Area.
  • I have honored Mentors, Benefactors and Pioneers in my posts.
CD Supplement for HMEE-2012 book


  • A manager said, “What’s the use of learning about your colleagues’ hobbies?”
  • I know only a fraction of sayas and colleagues,
    but I appreciate their achievements and expertise.
Photographer, Artist and U Hla Min


Alumni Appreciation Award
NorCal RITAA Annual Dinner in 2016
  • A Veda Saya (who has passed away) predicted that my works will be appreciated before I pass away.
    I have received “Alumni Appreciation Award” three times.
  • I have written hundreds of thousands of posts (over five decades).
    3000+ posts have been revised and saved in my website hlamin.com
    Hope to make the posts easy to access by researchers, educators, folklorists and historians.
  • I called Saya Dr. Aung Gyi to wish for his birthday on October 1st.
    He said, “I cannot reply to all your mails with links to your posts.
    I appreciate what you have done for the RIT Community.”
    The smiles of our sayas and colleagues give me Second Wind.
  • I still have reasonably good physical and mental health.
    119 members of our Class of 69 are GBNF. Several succumbed to Covid.
    I had four doses. I might get a fifth dose (booster for the variants).
  • Ko Zaw Min Nawaday jokingly said, “I hope to die before you,
    so that our friends can read about me in your posts.”
    I hope ZMN will live to a 100.

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