Names *

I have written and given speeches about names (e.g meaning, naming conventions).

I know thousands of names. Many people share names.

There is no formal way to spell Burmese names in English.


  • Toon, Tun, Htoon, Htun
  • Kyaw, Gyaw
  • Win, Winn, Wynn

Non-Burmese find it difficult to pronounce most Burmese names.

Some Burmese have modified the spelling of their names.


  • Kai (for Khaing, Khine)
  • Kin (for Khin)

Some words (U, Maung, Ko) are mostly used as prefixes of names, but they also appear in the names


  • Khin Maung U
  • Maung Maung, Maung Maung Thaung, Than Maung, Aye Maung Han
  • Min Ko, Ko Ko, Ko Ko Kyi, Ko Ko Zin
Khin Maung U (Middle in front row)

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