* Soe Thein

U Soe Thein

  • Ta Ka Tha leader
  • Registrar at RIT
  • Transferred to DHE as Director

U Soe Thein (EE60)

  • Moved to USA
  • Met him at SPZP-2000
  • Older Brother : Saya Dr. Aung Soe (C)
  • Younger Brother : Saya Dr. K Chiu (ChE)

U Soe Thein (EP69er)

EE69er Gathering
  • Peter Myint Mg (at MEHS)
  • Daughter drives him to 69er events

Dr. Soe Thein (C75)

Dr. Soe Thein
  • Attended M.Sc classes at UCC before joining RIT Civil Engineering Department
  • Masters from AIT
  • Doctorate from NUS
  • Organizer & Webmaster, SPZP-2007
  • Organizer & Webmaster, Singapore Civil Engineering Alumni
  • Moderator, RIT Updates FB group


  • Several student leaders became administrators
    (in the Revolutionary Council government and BSPP).
  • The three brothers are also known as
    K K Chiu, K J Chiu and K C Chiu.
  • Peter told us that he had an operation.
  • Dr. Soe Thein’s mentors include Dr. Aung Soe and Dr. Win Thein (GBNF).
    Both share a part of his name.
    He invited me to the Civil Engineering gathering in Singapore (held around SPZP-2007)
    and C75 dinner (held at M3 Food Center).
    He worked in Singapore and Myanmar.

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