Win Maung (Name) *

Rowing medal by Lake Win Maung

U Win Maung (T70, USA)

  • He is from the Class of 69.
  • He contracted TB and had to take a year off.
  • His friends call him “A Yo Phaya”.

U Win Maung (George Tub, UBA)

  • He is from the Class of 69.
  • He left bRIT efore graduation to get License in the field of Aviation Maintenance from the UK.
  • He is the older brother of Sayama Daw Khin Swe Aye (Winnie).
  • His friends call him “Lake”.
  • He represented RIT in rowing, swimming and water polo.
    He is a Back Stroke specialist.
    He completed Inya Lake cross lake (2000 meters) using Back Stroke.
  • During my visits to Yangon, he along with Zau Lai, Ko Ohn Khine, Ko Myint Thein (Kabar, GBNF), Ko Tin Aung Win (Oscar), Ko Kyaw Zin, Ko Khin Maung Bo (Alan) and Ko Kyaw Min Thein (provided me transportation.

U Win Maung (SPHS63)

  • He was a Boarder.
  • He played in the School Band.

U Win Maung

  • Met him while he was in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • He was a member of BADA.
  • He is an alumnus of De La Salle Twante. .

Mahn Win Maung

  • He was the Third President of the Union of Burma.
  • He had a few misfortunes : one with a parachute jump
    and another during a horse ride
  • Coup d’etat was staged on March 2, 1962 by the 17-man Revolutionary Council.
    He was detained 10 days before the expiration of his term.

U Win Maung (Soccer)

  • He played for the Burma soccer team.

U Win Maung (Zat Mintha)

  • He is a younger son of Shwe Mann Tin Maung.

U Win Maung (Min Yu Way)

  • He is a distinguished writer and publisher.
  • In primary school, I received the translation of Aesop’s Fables
    (by Min Yu Way and Ngwe Tar Yi) as a prize.

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