Than (Name) *

  • H.E. U Than Aung (Minister for Education in AFPFL government)
    Sons : U Aung (Alphonso), U Cho (Charlie)
  • Dr. Than Aung (Ophthalmologist)
  • U Than Aung (PBRS) : cousin
  • U Than Daing is an early devotee of Sayadaw U Vimala (Mogok Sayadaw).
    He and U Sway Tin (son-in-law) wrote or translated dhamma books for the Mogok Vipassana Ah Thinn.
  • U Than Htay (SPHS63, RIT)
  • Saya U Than Htay (Veda, GBNF)
  • U Than Htay (dhamma friend, who used be assistant of Saya U Aye Cho in Japan).
    Spouse : Daw Tin Tin Cho
  • Hinthada U Than Maung
    Children : Daw Swe Swe Than, U Cho Than Maung, Daw Wai Wai Than
  • Myitzuthaka U Than Maung
    Children : Daw Khin Than Nwe (T62), Dr. Tin Mg Mg Than, Dr. Khin Mg Mg Than
  • U Than Myaing (M69)
    Member, RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thinn
    His roll number (B120) was close to mine and U Aung Min (M69) in I.Sc.(A).
    He often visits his family in the USA.
  • Dr. Than Naing (Bonny Kywe, SPHS, Geology)
  • U Than Naing (Herman, Drummer & vocalist)
    Father : U Ba Hpyu
    Brother : U Sein Lwin (Raymond, GBNF)
  • Commodore Than Pe (Minister of Health and Education, President of RUBC)
  • U Than Pe (Accountant)
    Brothers : Dr. Nyi Nyi, U Kun Pe
  • U Than Saw was Chief Editor of WPD (Working People’s Daily).
    He succeeded U Khin Maung Latt.
    He was succeeded by U Ko Lay.
  • U Than Sein (PBRS)
  • Colonel Than Sein (member of Revolutionary Council)
  • Rakkhine Than Sein (purged in the BSPP control struggle).
  • Saya U Than Tin (Met, USA)
  • U Than Tin (RUBC Gold, GBNF)
  • Saya U Than Tin (Thahee, Physics)
  • U Than Win (Alan Khoo, GBNF)
  • U Than Win (Captain of University First Eleven, Director of Sports and Physical Education Department)
  • U Than Win (Henry Wong, SPHS)
  • U Than Win (SPHS63, M69)
  • U Than Win (T70, script writer for Thamankyar)
Than Win (M69)

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