San Lin (Name) *


Dr. San Lin in Southern California

Dr. San Lin (C62)

  • Taught part-time at Civil Engineering Department
  • Worked for EPC before moving overseas
  • Worked for UN in Thailand and New York
  • After retirement, moved to California
  • Spouse : Dr. Daw Thynn Thynn
    Founder of STW-2 Dhamma Center
Obituary for U San Lin (C69)

U San Lin (C69, GBNF)

  • Taught at Pyay, Yenangyaung and Tanyin GTI
  • Served as Principal
  • Retired Assistant Director of Set-Saik-Thet
San Lin (Robert) and Marina
U Boon Pin

U San Lin (Robert, EC73)

  • Received Masters in Computer Science from UCC
  • Worked for Texas Instruments in Singapore before transferring to USA.
  • His division was bought by another company (twice),
    but he was retained by those companies
  • After retirement, he moved from SugarLand to Dallas to be close to his son Vincent (a medical doctor) and grandchildren.
  • Spouse : Daw Hla Myint (Marina, EC73)
Maung Lu Pay with Saya U Tin Mg Oo and Daw Thida Swe

U San Lin (M87)

  • Maung Lu Pay
    Sponsor, SF Bay Area Literary Talks
  • Founding member of NorCal RITAA
  • Member, BADA


  • During the early days of the Revolutionary Council, State Scholars were sent to Soviet Bloc.
  • The GBNF list for 69ers is 119.
  • U Boon Pin (Robert’s father, Burma Railways took the Mechanical-Electrical Combination in the 1940s. He passed away in his 90s.
  • Maung Lu Pay is named after Maung Lu Aye (Theikpan Maung Wa’s character)

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