* Gathering in Canada (3 Decades Ago)

Gathering in Toronto

Sayama Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70) posted a picture of her mom (now GBNF), Sayagi Dr. Aung Gyi & Daw Emma, Edwin (her brother) & Marla, U Tha Aung & Daw Kinsa Maw-Naing.

The picture was taken at Edwin’s house in Toronto, Canada.


  • Daw Emma Gyi wrote :

I forgot this picture was taken, 25 years ago.

Time really flies so fast !!!

  • Kinsa wrote :

Thank you, Ma Ma Emma & Ko Hla Min! Behind me in the picture is Ko Tha Aung. How young we all were then…

  • Emma wrote :

My mom passed away at 98 three years 80 she went back to Yangon declaring I die at my own house. Monthly she dana 20 to 30 lakh kyats per month.she had a dhamma group. They discussed Dhamma. She gives for them medical expenses.for eye surgery. i complained to her. am dumb because i take after u. She said i agree i am dumb.but i can dana freely all my life.u cannot eat more spend more even if u r smart. Dumb also ok.

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